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  1. Seat memory stopped working and Easy exit/entry is greyed out.
  2. BillyR

    Sun Shade 2016 Edge

  3. Fuel line came undone by itself as we were driving up a mountain in new Mexico. ..no cell service. Husband crawled under and saw gas leaking and fuel line come undone. He put it back... car cranked and no more gas smell. The car was literally gas starved and quit running at 10,000 ft. Elevation. We are on way home soon...no ford dealers around... this is nuts for car with < 5500 miles bought in January not to mention scary...
  4. BillyR


    Did your status for 2fmpk4k8xgbb04406 get updated???? I cannot find way to get railway car status. Thanks!
  5. BillyR


    Hey pioneer ..any change in Staub of 2fmpk4k8xgbb04406? Thx!
  6. BillyR


    Hey.. was 2FMPK4K8XGBB04406 NB built yesterday? ??? Status please! Thanks very much! !
  7. BillyR


    Thanks. Can you see the destination delivery for this? We purchased this and it should be re routed to OKC. What does scheduled to the day mean???
  8. BillyR


    Hey can you track 2FMPK4K8XGBB04406 NB
  9. Akirby: what does that mean
  10. BillyR

    2016 Edge Production Schedule

    2016 edge available for ordering October 12?
  11. Yes. We were told 8 weeks as well. My situation was made worse by a very bad dealership/GM who treated me terribly, thus I cancelled my order! I will find another dealership and wait to get a 2016!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't blame Ford but these slimy dealerships sell their products. i would think FORD would be interested in how their products are being moved or trying to be moved with misinformation. It does tend to give not only the dealership a bad reputation but FORD as well!