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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. libertas

    Seat Cooling?

    I have a 2016 Mustang convertible. It has heated and cooled seats. The heating works great. Very hot. The cooling really does not work at all. The seat bottom cools a little on the highest setting, but I would swear the back actually gets warmer. It does not make any difference if the AC is on or off. Settings 1 and 2 make no perceptible difference from off. Only setting 3 has any effect at all - and it is barely anything. I have checked with a laser temp gun, so it is not just a "seat of the pants" measurement. My Lexus (RX350) also has cooled seats and on its highest setting those feel like you are sitting in a cooler of ice water. I know this is an issue many have experienced, but the search function here is failing me. Having been away from the forums for awhile, I was wondering if there was ever a fix for these not-really-cooling seats? Yes, I took it to the dealer when the car was brand new - in summer of 2016 - but they said there was nothing they could do. At the time, owners on the internet also agreed there wasn't much anyone could do to make them work. I'm just checking in a couple years later to see if that is still the case. Thanks.
  2. Delivered to dealer on June 21 and I'll be picking it up on June 23. Stopped by yesterday evening and got a photo pre-dealer prep. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. libertas

    Mustang GT

  4. May I please have updated tracking status of my car? The VIN is 1FATP8FF3G5331127. (Hopefully it is getting close with an ETA of this upcoming weekend!) Thank you.
  5. May I please have updated tracking status of my car? The VIN is 1FATP8FF3G5331127. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Cyberdman. Might need another update next week. Or maybe I will be able to surprise you with a photo of my new car! By the way, the links for the window stickers in your signature are dead - or soon will be dead. Ford recently stopped publishing public access to window stickers.
  7. Hello Cyberdman - Hopefully this will be my last tracking request. Can you check on the transit status of my car? The vin is 1FATP8FF3G5331127. If you had access to the rail car (ETTX) number, that would be really helpful. Thanks so much!
  8. So, it looks like my 2016 Mustang (VIN: 1FATP8FF3G5331127) rolled off the assembly line yesterday, and yesterday was the last day of production for the 2016s. I was actually told mine rolled off in the "afternoon." Since mine is in Guard (a discontinued color) and the hood blinkers are 2016-only, I would be interested to know if mine was the last of its kind produced. Does anyone know of a way to determine this? My VIN was assigned months ago, so I doubt production is done in VIN number order. Any ideas? If mine really was the last 2016 produced, or the last 2016 produced in Guard, it might be good to document that now for future use. (It is my current intention to hang onto this car for a very very long time.)
  9. Greetings Cyberdan. Since it is now May 31, I was wondering if I may trouble you for an update to confirm the car is now being converted from theoretical electrons on an order sheet to actual sheet metal. My VIN is 1FATP8FF3G5331127. Thank you in advance.
  10. libertas

    2017 Ford Mustang JOB1 Date Set

    By way of update, my March 31 order has a build date of either today (5/31) or tomorrow (6/1). Since the 2017s start being built on June 2, I guess mine will be one of the last (or actually the last) Guard GTs built!
  11. libertas

    2017 Ford Mustang JOB1 Date Set

    By way of further information, I placed my 2016 Mustang order on March 31 and it has a May 30 expected build date. I guess mine will be one of the last 2016s built. Hope they don't run out of Guard paint!
  12. Sorry Cyberdman. I realize you are doing this as a volunteer and out of the goodness of your heart, but my dealer told me last week that things had been accelerated and were moving more quickly. I had assumed that might mean the May 31 date had been moved up.
  13. Kindly provide an update when you have a moment. My VIN is 1FATP8FF3G5331127. Thank you in advance.
  14. I ordered a 2016 Mustang GT Premium Convertible with the 401A package, reverse sensing, ACC, Nav, Performance Package, 6spd stick, in Guard with Saddle interior on March 31, 2016. I have been told by my dealer that the VIN is going to be 1FATP8FF3G5331127. Is someone able to track this for me to discover the build date, ETA, and/or whether there are any holds or anticipated problems/delays with my build? Thanks is advance!