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  1. Regarding plastic door panels on rear doors. Kids in car seats kicking them and no damage, easy to clean and the kids don't care that they are plastic. I have dial shifter on 2017 fusion SE and like it, it eliminates reaching around a shift lever to reach controls, cup holders and cubbys. Also not mentioned above is that if you open the drivers door it automatically goes to park.
  2. ole

    Fog lights

    Go to-- nick the car guy fusion fog lights on youtube.
  3. ole

    2017 fusion

    Thank you transitman. No there were no injuries in the accident. thank you for the information and it appears both cars are Job 2 cars.
  4. ole

    2017 fusion

    I owned a 2017 Fusion that was totaled, Hit behind rear wheel pushed trunk pan to the left and bent the frame. It was a Job 2 Fusion with luxury and tech. packages. We bought it new and liked it so much that we bought another one identical to our first one but this is a Job 1 Fusion. Does anyone know the differences between Job 1 and Job 2. Thank you.