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    R-134A phaseout

    This is a case of Big Corporations (DuPont/Honeywell) buying influence. I don't understand why the EPA would mandate this extremely deadly and toxic HFO 1234yf, other than Dupont/Honeywell buying the EPA off. R134a is way safer and less toxic to the environment. DuPont claims it is hard to ignite but Mercedes showed that the substance ignited when researchers sprayed it and A/C compressor oil onto a car's hot engine. A senior Daimler engineer who ran the tests, stated "We were frozen in shock, I am not going to deny it. We needed a day to comprehend what we had just seen." Combustion occurred in more than two thirds of their simulated head-on collisions. The engineers also noticed etching on the windshield caused by the corrosive gases.[26] On September 25, 2012, Daimler issued a press release[9] and proposed a recall of cars using the refrigerant. The German automakers argued for continued use of carbon dioxide refrigerants, which they argued to be safer. These whacked out environmentalist obsession with carbon dioxide, all based on a theory. In the atmosphere, HFO-1234yf degrades to trifluoracetic acid which is a mildly phytotoxic strong organic acid with no known biodegradation mechanism in water. In case of fire it releases highly corrosive and toxic hydrogen fluoride and the highly toxic gas carbonyl fluoride. But hey at least it is not an evil carbon dioxide. You know CO2 its what we exhale, in every soda, plants need it to grow and it is the basis of all life on earth.
  2. My table went haywire after I posted. Hopefully this one works. Std XLT Explorer Limited 245/60-18 255/45-20 Difference Diameter inches 29.57 29.04 -0.54 -1.8% Width inches 9.65 10.04 0.39 4.1% Circum. inches 92.91 91.22 -1.69 -1.8% Sidewall Height inches 5.79 4.52 -1.27 -21.9%
  3. Going to the mountains here in Socal, which is expected to get a little snow so I might need chains or cables. The owner manual says on my 2014 Explorer Limited on page 370 that chains or cables can't be used on 20" tires. I can't believe the 1/2" wider tire makes such a difference that you can't even use cables? What about if I bought a spacer to bring the wheel out 3/4" or an 1"????? Below are the tire dimensions! 2014 Explorer XLT Explorer Limited 245 – 60 - 18 255 – 60 - 20 Difference Diameter inches (mm) 29.57 29.04 -0.54 -1.8% Width inches (mm) 9.65 10.04 0.39 4.1% Circum. inches (mm) 92.91 91.22 -1.69 - 1.8% Sidewall Height inches (mm) 5.79 4.52 -1.27 -21.9% Revolutions per mile (km) 681.94 694.6 12.67 1.9% If you look at the above chart the Explorer Limited tolerances between the tires and wheel well are that tight... just a 1/2" wider tire (1/4" on inside and extra 1/4" on outside) makes it so you can't use snow cables or chains? Just seems unthinkable, especially with cables. QUESTION: 1. Anyone know the reason for no snow chains or cable? Only thing I see is the STRUT which does seem close to the tire, maybe 1-2" away. 2. What if I put on a wheel spacer to add 3/4" to 1" away from strut. Will that work??? Spacers are usually used by people putting wide tires on Thanks ahead of time. Jim