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  1. Mokume

    Bad shocks??

    The front suspension on my 2000 4.0 SuperCab 4x2 is the trucks Achilles heel, I had to replace the right side lower ball joint when the vehicle had just 60K miles. It made a horrendous squeaking sound over any road surface undulation. I replaced the joint myself with a grease-able Moog unit, the job was simple enough provided you have the proper tools. If memory serves me right I also replaced the upper joint as well, the factory shocks were replaced long ago with Bilsteins. The joint's premature demise was also attributed to the 3rd world country roads here in Honolulu, yet we pay probably the highest road taxes of all 50 states. Would you believe annual registration fees are $420.00 for my Y2K? In retrospect, my '91 SuperCab gave me zero front suspension problems, but that truck had Ford's famed Twin I Beam design, probably the toughest if not the most over-engineered design in ANY pickup
  2. Mokume

    2019 Ranger Options

    I was not implying anything at all Sir, just remarking. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and observations, as well as I. Have a pleasant evening.
  3. Mokume

    2019 Ranger Options

    And your point is?
  4. Mokume

    2019 Ranger Options

    Reaching out to Ford both by online chat and actual conversation confirmed that the entertainment system on 2020 Lariat SuperCabs with the 501A package is the exact same system that a XLT Supercab with the 302A package is equipped with. That is, a non B&O system with 6 speakers in all. I've no problem with Ford's decision to install this particular system in a SuperCab given space confinements, but argue that the cost of the 501A package ($1,795 for 2019 models) between a SuperCab and SuperCrew is not adjusted accordingly. Ford charges $1,795 for the 501A package regardless of the cab style.
  5. Mokume

    Wait Time?

    Aloha Dave, Glad that your family enjoyed your visit here last year, yes it is paradise but it comes at a price. I take it that since you stayed @ the Hale Koa you are, or were part of the Armed Services, if so Mahalo Very Much for your service to our country and it's citizens. Since I special ordered a 2020 SuperCab I don't expect to take delivery until early next year. I indulged myself by specifying the FX2 package and equipment group 501A on my Lariat 4x2, while there are still a few places to 4x4 on Oahu, those days are long gone for me. Mahalo again, sir Mokume
  6. Mokume

    Ranger LED bed lights

    Has anyone had any experiences with the LED bed light kit from Ford (part number VKB3Z-13E754-A) for their new Ranger? Two hundred forty nine dollars seems steep to me considering the kit consists of just 4 lights (and associated wiring/hardware) and no means to operate them other than touching one of the four light lens.
  7. Mokume

    Wait Time?

    Curious, how long did it take after you placed your order and the VIN was assigned to the order? I've a 2020 SuperCab on order since August 20th., it's my understanding that "job 1 " for the '20's is scheduled for November 18th.
  8. Mokume

    2019 Ranger Options

    It unfair to those who opt for the 501A package on a SuperCab in not getting the B&O system with 10 speakers and not being credited somehow for this fact. I do not know of any additional features added to the SuperCab to somehow compensate. I suppose that Ford figures that most SuperCab buyers will not notice this, did not get by you or me however.
  9. Also self explanatory sir is that I mentioned the FI manager at all dealerships in an earlier post, scroll up and you will see it. This person, as I am sure you are aware, is the last person in the dealer food chain who will attempt to sell more dealer profit "shenanigans", not just the salesperson. It is this persons mission to try to sell you items you don't want or need that got by the salesperson.
  10. Mokume

    Rangers Without Parts To Ship?

    Car salespeople are the only ones with enough audacity to sell left hand threaded light bulbs !
  11. Mokume

    cranks but won't start

    I remember watching an old time mechanic back in the seventies perform a spark strength on a early sixties Valiant with a slant six. He would actually remove each spark plug wire and hold the end in his hand to find the weak one, all with the engine running. Of course ignition systems were only capable of 20K volts back then, but to see his arm spasm was incredible !
  12. Mokume

    now I wait

    Indeed you should ! You must remember that I live in Hawaii, Honolulu, which is on the island of Oahu, to be exact. Population 1.1 million souls. There are just 3 Ford dealers here, basically the game is always in their favor, hence the 3K deposit. One dealer attempted to gouge me by marking up the MSRP by 8 thousand dollars on a '19 Lariat just this past June. Yes, you read that correctly, eight thousand dollars above MSRP because of the vehicle's "newness" to the mid size pickup market. We can't just jump in our cars and drive to the next state in search of a better offer (which would be CA) and all 3 dealers are keenly aware of this. True the neighbor islands have Ford dealerships but since the population bases of those islands is quite low compared to Honolulu, a good deal is like hen's teeth, not to mention very limited availability of certain models/options etc. Then there is the matter of getting it here, where ever it was purchased from, I'd be responsible for this charge. While the Ranger is well equipped, it lacks outriggers, a prop and sufficient fuel capacity for the journey. As you know Ford's flat rate shipping charge is to the selling dealer period, no matter if the dealer is just a mile away from the plant, or thousands. I was seriously considering special ordering the truck through a broker in LA who suggested a loophole in the sale to avoid CA's exorbitant sales tax and registration tax and fees. This would require that I not take delivery there and the truck to be driven directly to the docks, loaded onto a container ship and bon Voyage! The shipping would of cost me almost 2K. Enter Ford's X Plan pricing, I purposely joined the Mustang Club of America to take advantage of this program, membership was a paltry $25. In using this plan the selling price is capped at a certain amount above invoice and any dealer documentation fee is capped at $100. Of course I am responsible for tax and license. What some people are unaware of is that in using this program the dealer is required to list all other additional charges on page 2 of the contact. However it does not preclude them from adding additional equipment/options to the truck, anti-theft window etching, paint sealants and the like. In placing the 3K deposit, I made the dealer include a clause in the purchase order that they will not try to pull this BS, I've no problem with them making a reasonable profit on the sale I may sound like a raving lunatic in this post, but all I want is a fair shake. True we are blessed with living in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, but paradise does come at a cost.
  13. Indeed sir, would you believe this is my very first car purchase with regards to frivolous markups and add-ons? The first 3 new cars I've owned ('79 Mercury Capri, '81 F-150 4x4 Flareside and an '86 F-150 4x4 Styleside) were all special orders and purchased when I was a Lincoln-Mercury dealership mechanic. All 3 vehicles cost me $100 above invoice, yes I was provided with this cost at the time of signing. The third, a 2000 RangerSupercab 4x2, also special ordered was bought though a broker in Oregon after I had left the dealership. I worked at this dealership for almost 14 years (they also sold Honda's) and saw all the shenanigans sales would pull just to make a sale, they would work the prospective buyer for HOURS just for them to sign. I've vowed to never become one of those hapless souls.
  14. I've a 2020 Ranger SuperCab 4x2 on order from 1 of the 3 Ford agencies here on Oahu, this transaction will be consummated via Ford's X-Plan pricing. A condition of using this program is that the dealer MUST list any and all additional taxes, fees, added options on page 2 of the X-Plan contract, however it does NOT prevent the dealer from adding ridiculous markups and options. Prior to placing the order the dealer required a non-refundable deposit of which I had no problem with provided the only additional fees/taxes I will pay for are 1) Hawaii State sales tax (4.75%), 2) county registration fees and 3) the X-plan capped fee for documentation, which is $100, all this was disclosed in the sales agreement. No worthless glass etching, paint sealants, performance enhancing additives, zero-zilch-nada. The reason I am being so hard nosed with this agency is that they quoted me a ridiculous price for a 2019 this past June, this out the door price included an eight thousand dollar markup because of their claimed high demand for the truck You read that correctly an $8000 dealer markup above the MSRP. There will be no financing nor trade, the balance will be paid via cashier's check. I'm sure the F&I person at this dealership is a nice, if not crafty person, but I don't plan to meet the soul at all in closing of this purchase, there is simply no need to. Apparently the X-Plan pricing is designed to provide a no haggling price just above invoice, the dealer is required to show this amount in the signed contract. Yes the dealer is certainly entitled to profit on all car sales, this is why they are in business, however a reasonable profit. Certainly not anything in excess of 8K.