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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I have a question for owners of a 2024 superduty in king ranch, platinum or limited trim: If you take your hands off the wheel while using adaptive cruise and lane keep, will the truck keep you centered in the lane for a few moments on its own? I’m not asking about blue cruise. Our 2020 explorer will keep itself in the lane on its own for a bit until its prompts you to keep you hands on the wheel then starts to alarm if you don’t. My current 2022 f350 plat has adaptive steering and lane keep only buzzes at you to let you know you are going out of the lane, but it doesn’t steer you back into the lane on its own. This is what I’m specifically asking about. I have not had the opportunity to drive a 24 to test this feature. I wish the super duty would get blue cruise but it’s just not there yet like the f150 has. Thank you in advance.
  2. Just got my diesel today and will be strapping a 9.2dxt on it this week. I’ll report in with some 6.7 3.31 numbers after I get some pushes in. Sounds like you are a great candidate for a computer tune once they crack the Ecu codes.
  3. Kyoshea

    My wait is finally over…

    Couple little things. So far I only have 56 miles on it. The hood alignment is off. The right rear rock guard sticker had a huge black thumb print in it and showed up bad against the white. I’m missing my extra camera (customer placed camera option) I ordered (it’s on back order). Otherwise it’s a really amazing truck. Very smooth and quiet in the cab. I have not driven a similar truck without adaptive steering so I don’t know how much difference it makes but the steering feels great at slow speeds and on the freeway. Plenty of power and I really love the 10 speed transmission. Can’t wait to get it out on a long road trip and find out what kind of overall mpg I can squeeze out. The rear camera is lacking. Really should have a better picture but it’s similar to my mustang and our ST explorer. For what this truck cost IMHO it’s way more than it should cost but everything things expensive nowadays so Let’s go Brandon!
  4. Kyoshea

    My wait is finally over…

    with my other truck being stolen and wanting to replace what I had before I basically sucked it up and had to make it work to get what I wanted. They say good things come to those who wait?? Thanks for the comment!
  5. Kyoshea

    My wait is finally over…

    Thanks for the comments!! This is the standard grille on the Platinum trim.
  6. Kyoshea

    My wait is finally over…

    Attached is the window sticker. Not every option but quite a few that were on the naughty list.
  7. Kyoshea

    Just ordered

    Just be patient. The wait is worth it. Make sure you keep your salesperson on their toes by asking for updates. Once your vin is generated then the scheduling part gets tricky depending on your options.
  8. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forum that helped provide information about my build during these strange times. Here’s my build summary after 10 months and 11 days of waiting. Don’t worry, they will build it. ordered 3/18 accepted 3/19 vin generated 6/4 build scheduled and was rescheduled 6x window sticker generated 12/6 Order sent to plant 12/9 accepted by plant and scheduled 12/13 truck built 12/21 loaded on rail car 12/22 shipped from plant by rail 12/23 arrived at rail transfer yard 12/25 unloaded from rail car 12/27-12/28 picked up by truck carrier 12/29 delivered to dealership 12/29 Overall very impressive truck. Minor quality issues dealership is fixing today and I’ll pick it up tonight. This truck was a big deal for me since my previous F350 was stolen while I was away from home working, right before Christmas, and I’ve been without my heavy work truck over a year now. The wait for it was difficult because I had to turn away work opportunities. I wanted the options I selected and would not compromise since it’s replacement for what I had. The big hold up was adaptive steering, 5th wheel prep and any number of other issues, but it’s over now and I can focus on setting this beauty up to get new work done. Happy new year!
  9. Thank you for your time during my build. Happy new year.
  10. I'm thinking my truck finally may have been built yesterday (ordered 3/19/21!!) and the tracking site is showing a delivery ETA date all of a sudden, but I have not get the email stating the truck was built. How long after build can you try to link the FordPass to your ford account? I have several other trucks linked to mine.
  11. Kindly requesting update. Thank you. VIN 1FT8W3BT6NEC07626 Order 3487 Dealer F44121
  12. As soon as they build the truck I'll get some pics out. This wait is crazy! 9 months!
  13. Kindly requesting update. Thank you. VIN 1FT8W3BT6NEC07626 Order 3487 Dealer F44121