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  1. Kyoshea

    Best front tire to run

    My fronts are nearing their end of life. The car has roughly 650 rwtq so the stock rear tires were just melting even with light throttle. Asking what other tires people like that 're good in rain and quiet. The Goodyear is nice. Not a ton of choices in the 20" category that are not $300+.
  2. This is the truck without the transfer tanks
  3. I cannot believe this small item is shutting down assembly lines all over. Why can’t Ford press Washington to allocate inventory? I read all about how since auto demand was down auto didn’t place large orders and their allocation went to computers and gaming systems that were in hot demand due to COVID work from home stuff. I call bs. Ford is a global player. There isn’t 1 f350 on a dealer floor plan within 30 miles of me. There is huge demand for these 80k trucks and they are shutting down a shift?
  4. Kyoshea

    2020 F250 Plat PS 12K Observations

    Thanks for the great write up. I’m excited to get my 22 triwhite. Are you really average 20 mpg with the 3.55? Also I recommend you do an oil analysis if you truly want to see the benefits of your oil program. Black stone labs told me I was totally short changing my oil and to extend it so I did. Not 1 issue with my past 6.7.
  5. Kyoshea

    Rapid Red color

    I wish there was another red available. They don’t have to batch trucks.
  6. Kyoshea

    Kentucky truck plant

    I knew this would happen!!!
  7. From what I understand it doesn’t work like the ST or other vehicles. We have an ST explorer and I let it “center” all the time. I barely touch the wheel. In the superduty it’s different. They assume you are hauling or towing and if the truck went to correct and center it could totally throw off the weight and cause a trailer to go out of control or tip due to weight.
  8. Kyoshea

    Mach-E dealer tour?

    Thank you! Planning on attending. We drove one last week and loved it.
  9. Hello! My Red 2015 F350 ccsb 6.7 fx4 was stolen from the hotel I was sleeping at In Newark NJ this past December. Since then I have received a bunch of toll violations form the ezpass toll system picking up my plates. Recently 3/11/21. I can’t believe they are still riding around 4 months after stealing it. With my transfer tanks and plates. The truck is very unique looking. Had a backrak with lightbar and 2 100 gallon transfer tanks in bed. I find it unbelievably crazy not 1 cop has seen the truck and it hasn’t left a 40 square mile area. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Kyoshea

    5.0 "tick"

    I have 3 5.0 and none of them tick. Regular 5k oil chamges with cheap full synthetic oils and motor craft filters.
  11. Kyoshea

    Best front tire to run

    Hello all! I have a set of Nitto drag radials on my rear 20” wheels but want to upgrade from the factory Goodyear on the front 20”. What do you think?
  12. Kyoshea

    Our new Mustang

    What kind of mileage are you getting so far?
  13. Kyoshea

    HP tuners Ngauge

    Does anybody have a way to unlock a locked ngauge. Lund will not. I bought a locked gauge in October and had no idea emotion went out. Now I cannot find anyone who will ulock.
  14. Kyoshea

    5.0 undesirable?

    We absolutely love the 2 f150 5.0 we have. Great mileage and no real issues. 2016 and 2018.