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  1. iadirtracker

    Splash Guards

    Definetly. Hope it's soon. It's been built for exactly a month and was ordered 1/2 so I would think it'd be here soon. Thanks for your help. I ordered the splash guards today, so hopefully my truck beats them here!!
  2. iadirtracker

    Splash Guards

    Thanks, fordmantpw. It is definitely too late. The truck should be here any day. It's been built for a month now and I'm patiently awaiting its arrival. Thanks for the help.
  3. iadirtracker

    Splash Guards

    I have a 2018 ordered and saw these splash guards on a Super Duty yesterday that I really liked. I can't find these exact ones on the Ford Accessories website and I wondered if any of you knew where a guy could get some.