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  1. So for anyone that still cares. I spoke to the folks that designed the system and delay in the Bluetooth connection is on the Sync3 side not the Voxx screens. This means you can buy a wireless Bluetooth FM modulater that can always sit inside ur center armrest plugged into the dc/cigarette lighter port. 2 benefits from doing this are, modulator always has power and the station your broadcasting on can be changed by the driver/passenger. Plus no unsightly dongle stocking out of ur screens. It’s work pretty great since we got one, no delay noticed yet and it automatically connects on startup. This method leaves the cars Bluetooth connected to my phone for calls and such. Heres the one I used: Roav SmartCharge F0, by Anker https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GJ7DHMP?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Until Ford fixes Sync, this is works; which is all I’ve wanted from the system.
  2. Yeah man, its called Doosl Universal Wireless FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Car Kit picked it up on Amazon for $12.95. Plug it to audio jack (we choose the passenger side) and set it AND sync FM radio to same radio station and whala clean and clear audio with zero lag. Biggest downsides to this is the unsightly doggie sticking out of your $2,000 option on your $100k truck. And the battery on those little things have to be charged every 10 hours or so. The amazon listing has a recommended website to find empty FM freq in your area. Its the solution that has work the best for us. At least until Ford/Lincoln unf&@*s this.
  3. So, as lame as this is with a $100k+ Black Label, we plugged in a $12 FM Transmitter from amazon to the audio jack of one of the screens and lag was eliminated and freed up the bluetooth connection for phones...