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  1. averagengineer

    NEW 2021 F150

    its under the camo
  2. averagengineer

    NEW 2021 F150

    honestly didnt have time to play around with it that much but I can check next time. I know it has android auto + apple car play + alexa integration from my understanding and the user can dum the brightness. I think there is a nightmode as all, also the owner manual is embedded in the Sync
  3. averagengineer

    NEW 2021 F150

    No its actual SYNC 4.0. Its more fluid and gives the user more freedom on how they want to display certain sections of their screen. NAV is way better as well and some new features, will write more when i have time
  4. averagengineer

    NEW 2021 F150

    I believe second half 2020. Youll probably be seeing spy shots with the black and white camo soon. They just started shipping units out to test users
  5. averagengineer

    NEW 2021 F150

    it doesn't really resemble it. The headlights and grill are very different from the current and that range rendering. It has a 3 different headlight designs, the LEDs are awesome. The daytime running light led looks like an upside 'L' sort of like the super duty but way better. The grill bar-wrapping into the a U shaped headlight design is mostly gone. The front bumper looks amazing and yes it has new features that will def set it apart. It will have a Hybrid and on board generator...lots of amazing tech and new features.
  6. averagengineer

    NEW 2021 F150

    So i just saw a prototype of the new f150 today, nothing revolutionary on the exterior but the interior is a huge improvement from today. Huge landscape touchscreen with Sync 4 and all digital instrument cluster, exquisite materials, lots of leather and high quality materials. If you have any questions feel free to ask
  7. Calm down. It's not going to be a mustang and will not use the mustang logo. It will have it's own unique horse logo similar how Mustang has the fast horse and the Bronco has it's own bucking horse.
  8. Told you guys it would be really close to a mini Aviator. I really LOVE the looks of this and the Aviator. I'm sooo tempted to buy one even though I can't really afford another new vehicle at this time. Those proportions..
  9. averagengineer

    Corsair Engine Info

    I think i mentioned in another post the Corsair FHEV and PHEV numbers will be roughly equivalent to the Fusion energi( range, MPG, power,etc). I was hoping for some improvements but i guess going from a sedan to a compact suv with the same numbers is decent as well.
  10. averagengineer

    Any news on the Lincoln Corsair?

    It will be a mini aviator. I've seen the prototypes of some of the interior and interior.
  11. Hey guys, it's essentially the same interior as the focus. As for the powertrains there will be improvements to fuel economy, power will not really change. The 1.5L gets 29 MPG average (27 city and 32 highway), there will also be a hybrid and PHEV that have similar numbers to the fusion hybrids
  12. Correct, I've seen this same mule in a build location and under the hood was an electric PT (no ICE). It's an escape body
  13. averagengineer

    Ford Announces Next 5 Models

    The next Gen F150 (P702) has a BEV trailing it shortly...you heard that right full battery electric F150.
  14. averagengineer

    2020 Explorer Interior Pics

    The infotainment is double the length in the prototype I saw. It's a vertical screen.
  15. averagengineer

    2020 Explorer Interior Pics

    Also please note since these units are in dearborn they are either VP and M1 prototypes. From what I've experienced these prototype units are garbo so many things wrong with them lol.. The TT units are rolling off the line in Chicago now. I expect whatever to be shown in the Detroit auto show to be a TT unit that will be basically representative of a production unit