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  2. The GT is the most amazing vehicle I've ever seen. That's fucking HOT
  3. I love the whole front end. To me it looks HOT and it's aerodynamic
  4. This is the dumbest comment ive read on these forums by far.
  5. To be clear, ford has a EV platform/architecture wich i think is code named "blackbird". Mae ch E uses gen1. The next two bevs use gen 2 which will share almost nothing with gen 1. Gen2 is more scalable, efficient, flexible, and some other benefits.
  6. Some of this is wrong. The next Ford/Lincoln Bevs are a 23MY, so it will be released in 2022. Also it will be using the 2nd gen of the Mach E platform.
  7. None for me, I own a 18 Mustang GT and putting my reservation in Sunday for a ER Premium. This will be good for Mustang in the long run. Mustang sales are going down, it's a 2 door vehicle, increasing C02 emissions target, etc. I actually think this is going to save Mustang. Leaving everything as is would surely lead to a long slow death
  8. Hard disagree. They use fake plastic leather EVERYWHERE. Deleted the cluster for cost saving (cheap), fake wood trim, cheap piano black painted plastic in center console, Those wheel aero covers look quite cheap, don't get me started on the paint. Look up pain quality issues and you'll be shocked to see how thin Tesla paint is. The fact that they dont evnn bother to paint areas that are covered speaks a lot. https://www.thedrive.com/tech/29257/finnish-tesla-model-3-inspection-reveals-soft-thin-under-spec-paint
  9. You absolutely crazy to think the cheap tesla interior is better than the Mach e. I've sat in both and the Mach e blows that cheap plastic loaded tesla out the water
  10. how did this get leaked? thats crazy lol. Is this going to ruin the reveal
  11. Yes Ford just confirmed A,X,Z eligible. So excited!
  12. I literally told you guys it would be called the Mustang Mach E months ago. I'm a HUGE mustang enthusiast and I support this vehicle. If Ford was half assing it I'd be upset but from what I've seen I absolutely love the Mach E (styling, performance, tech) and honestly probably getting one
  13. averagengineer

    2021 Bronco Sync start up screen?

    this will be used on the Baby Bronco, dont know about actual Bronco. Anyways ive said to much already.