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  1. nwfmike

    Bad Fuel Injector 2019 Ranger

    You must be a younger person
  2. nwfmike

    2020 feature and paint colors

    Ain't that the truth. I vacillated between all of the colors then settled on Magnetic. Inoffensive, but boring and seems like 30 percent of the vehicles around here are that color. Probably saving those cool colors for the Raptor (like Asia).
  3. nwfmike

    How long to build a Ranger?

    Well, I won't need to speak with the dealer. Status just updated today to the next level of Awaiting Transportation. Step forward. Seems like whatever issue I'm impatient about get resolved on it's own right after I inquire. Does that need I need to be more patient or inquire earlier? ;-)
  4. nwfmike

    How long to build a Ranger?

    Thanks Hared. That makes sense and yes "nebulous" is one way of putting it from what I've been hearing. Misleading, might be another since the Ford site says, " Your order is being manufactured at one of our factories. This can take a few days." 24 days (in your case) is a bit more than a "few" days. 10(so far in my case) is also starting to stretch the definition of "few" 🙂 Anyway, I'm good with a mid-May delivery, but I need to be prepared for the possibility of delivery much further out than the 53 days days currently showing. Hopefully, the dealer will have some information when I go see him tomorrow.
  5. nwfmike

    How long to build a Ranger?

    Thanks for that quick reply. Ya, didn't think it was much more than a couple days to build a truck...Max. My Lariat is pretty standard. No keypad. Spray in bedliner is the only larger option. I'll give the rest of the week then make a personal visit to the dealer.
  6. nwfmike

    How long to build a Ranger?

    Aloha Ordered a Ranger on December 1st. Supercab through ROVP. Hoped for April delivery, but May was realistic. According to the tracking site, it went into production last Monday and is still in production. Last Monday, the tracking site gave an estimated delivery of 51 days then on Wednesday jumped up to 58 days. I know the site is an estimate, but still, *something* changed and moved the date to the right. I guess I have a few question that maybe you guys can answer: 1. How long should it normally take to build a standard Lariat supercab with a spray-in bedliner? 2. I'm hearing there are delays at the factory. Anything from steering wheels inventory issues to delays on doing the bedliner. Can anyone confirm? 3. Should my dealer be able to get that information? I've emailed him twice. Normally, very responsive but when I've asked for a status, I get nothing but crickets. Currently we are a 1 vehicle family and has worked well, but the wife is looking to go back to work. A conservative timeline was taken into account but long delays starts causing a problem. Even after production, I'd still need it shipped out to Hawaii and my understanding is that getting cars out to the West Coast is pretty slow going right now. Once there, I'd think getting on a ship doesn't present too much of a problem. Mahalo