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  1. RiverTowy

    Engine management light not coming on

    Thanks for your suggestion, but despite putting the question on 7 Euro sites and 2 USA sites, the only constructive advice/suggestions I have had is from the other USA site.
  2. RiverTowy

    Engine management light not coming on

    It has been suggested on another forum, that the problem is probably a processor communication to the CEL fault/malfunction. I cannot afford to pay £150+ to take it to a Ford garage to be put on a diagnostic tool. How would I go about getting this investigated?
  3. 2006 Connect T220L SWB 1.8 Diesel. No engine management light on when key turned in ignition on starting. Should it light up? All other dials/guages/LEDS work fine. I have run the cluster self test and the EML does illuninate, so the LED is good.