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  1. 2006 Connect T220L SWB 1.8 Diesel. No engine management light on when key turned in ignition on starting. Should it light up? All other dials/guages/LEDS work fine. I have run the cluster self test and the EML does illuninate, so the LED is good. 
  2. RiverTowy

    Engine management light not coming on

    Thanks for your suggestion, but despite putting the question on 7 Euro sites and 2 USA sites, the only constructive advice/suggestions I have had is from the other USA site.
  3. RiverTowy

    Engine management light not coming on

    It has been suggested on another forum, that the problem is probably a processor communication to the CEL fault/malfunction. I cannot afford to pay £150+ to take it to a Ford garage to be put on a diagnostic tool. How would I go about getting this investigated?