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  1. What does every think are the Quad Beam LED worth the additional price?
  2. muskie2304

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Thank you for the quick response this is helpful. I have be reviewing this site and there is a lot of information out here that has been help and appreciate all the contribute.
  3. muskie2304

    Hello from Twin Cities

    Hi Everyone, reviewing the forum it has a lot of useful information. I just ordered my F350 Lariat end of April looking forward to my new truck.
  4. muskie2304

    Useful resources for those joining the Ford Family

    Thank you this is very helpful information as I ordered my new F350 Lariat end of April.
  5. muskie2304

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    New to this forum as I order my F350 SD Lariat 4/29 and shows priority 10 with job #1 order. Additionally, my dealer stated the were going to use their allocation. Don’t have VIN yet but wanted know any idea when this would schedule?