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  1. packet

    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    What’s the big changes with the 360 co pilot vs the 2019 safety features? Thanks
  2. packet

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Thanks ice-capades, I am seriously thinking about walking away like you said. Is it correct that Lincoln is for the most part constantly building Navigators and not “building them 3 times a year” like the local dealer told me? There is another dealer in my state (about 8 hour drive) that has exactly what we are looking for but without the tow package and rear seat entertainment. The tow package was a think for potentially in the future but not sure if we would ever use it. The rear seat entertainment was another nice to have but everything I have read on it sounds like the system is so so at best. My kids both have iPads and I suspect that will be good enough for them. I am going to call the other dealer tomorrow and if we can work a deal out over the phone I’ll fly down next week and drive it home. My only concern is the original dealer I was buying from is still the one nearest my house so I may need to work with them on service issues in the future if I don’t want to drive another 30 minutes to the next closer dealer. Do you think I’ll get any push back from the service department of my local dealer doing warranty work if I need it even if I did not buy the vehicle from them. Thank you again!
  3. packet

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Question for you guys.... I ordered a 2019 Navigator about 5 weeks ago from my local dealer. I have been trying to get the order number for VIN from the dealer but they have been super sketchy about getting me that and have had excuse after excuse. They keep telling me it could take 3-5 months to get me one as I wanted configured. I finally confronted the sales manager today and they are now saying they did not have any allocations to place my order but it is in now but it should not cause any delays in getting the Navigator since they only build them 3 times a year since it is a shared production line with the F-250. That again sounded like BS to me so I started googling around and found this forum and thread. From reading this great post by ice-capades (thanks for the info) It sounds like they are continuing to lie to me. Even after all that they still have not given me a order # or VIN. What do you guys think? Thanks!