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  1. rothen

    Canadian build&price is out

    Thanks I didn't know it. It will be my first ever lincoln.
  2. rothen

    Canadian build&price is out

    Thanks. Yes I think it's a very good deal if you check how much the competitors cost. I wish I would work for lincoln and get employee price as well, lol. Anyway canadian price is lower than US and that's good already. Can't wait to get mine too!
  3. reserve model starts at 75500 CAD the other trim is the grand touring hybrid plugin that starts at 81000 CAD https://shop.lincolncanada.com/build/aviator/#/chooseyourpath/ I find annoying that's not possible to select the dynamic package withouth the very expensive (12200 CAD) 302A package. I just would like to get my aviator plugin with dynamic package, no-cost second row bench seats and luxury package, for a total of 6000 CAD of optionals, that's it. Do you think it's going to be possible if the configurator doesn't allow it?
  4. Just yesterday I decided to compare how quick the plugin midsize suvs are compared with their equivalent gasoline version, so I analyzed the main tests that C&D and motortrend did (plus an european magazine that did the test of the Q7 e tron and the Q7 diesel on which the etron is based). I did a quick scheme about main performances data that i'm gonna share, I apologize if the results are kind of confusing to read: car hp torque 0-60 0-100 1/4m weight roadholding mpg weight distribution magazine: x5 35i 300hp 300lb 5.8s/5.9s 15.7s 14.5a96 4974lbs 0.79 - 47.5/52.5 C&D x5 35i 300hp 300lb 6.0s 16.3s 4911lbs 0.81 20/18/24 49/51 motortrend x5 40i 2020 335hp 330lb 5.0s 4854lbs 0.88 22/20/26 50/50 motortrend x5 40i 2020 335hp 330lb 4.9s 13.6a101 4872lbs 0.89 - - C&D x5 40e 308hp 332lb 6.2s 16.2s 14.7a95 5283lbs 0.82 24/23/25 C&D x5 40e 308hp 332lb 6.2s - 14.6a94 5263 0.81 46/54 - motortrend xc60 T6 316hp 295lb 6.1 15.7 14.6a97 4322lbs 0.87 - 23/21/27 C&D xc60 T6 316hp 295lb 5.5 14.1 14.1a100 4281lbs 0.88 22/19/27 C&D xc60 T6 316hp 295lb 6.6 15.0a90 4297lbs 0.83 55/45 - motortrend xc60 T8 400hp 472lb 5.1 13.5 13.7a101 4741lbs 0.84 26/28/26 C&D xc90 T6 316hp 295lb 6.0 15.5 14.6a97 4706lbs 0.84 52.3/47.7 22/20/25 C&D xc90 T6 316hp 295lb 6.7 15.1a90 4720lbs 0.85 52/48 - motortrend xc90 T8 400hp 472lb 5.0 13.9a97 5132lbs 0.84 52/48 27/27/28 motortrend xc90 T8 400hp 472lb 5.3 14.6 14.0a98 5159lbs 0.81 - - C&D ML550 408hp 443lb 4.9 11.8 13.4a106 5197lbs 0.85 -/15/20 C&D GLE550e 436hp 479lb 5.2 13.7a101 5522lbs 0.71 - motortrend cayenne plugin 416hp 435lb 5.4 12.9 13.7a103 5427lbs 0.83 - - C&D cayenne plugin 416hp 435lb 5.2 13.0 13.8a103 5373lbs 0.91 - - C&D cayenne gts 420hp 380lb 5.5 13.6 13.9a101 5108lbs 0.95 -/15/21 - motortrend Q7 etron 373hp 5.8 - - 5530lbs - - - autobild Q7 TDI 272hp 6.2 - - 4630lbs - - - autobild aviator 400hp 400lb 5.2* 4897lbs 21/18/26 - - aviator plugin 460hp 600lb/620lb 4.3* 5678lbs - - - I put the asterisk on the aviator performance (the plugin could be rated to 620 lbft of torque since the explorer plugin get that number) I aspect to see. Also we know few data about the new lincoln suv. And here I pointed out the main differences on kurb weight, hp, torque and 0-60 acceleration) between the plugin and the gasoline version: x5 40e vs 35i +300lbs +8hp +32lb +0.2 seconds (6.2 vs 6.0) xc60 T8 vs T6 +420lbs +84hp +177lb -1.1 (5.0 vs 6.1) xc90 T8 vs T6 +430lbs +84hp +177lb -1.3 (5.2 vs 6.5) GLE550e vs ML550 +325lbs +28hp +36lb +0.3 (5.2 vs 4.9) cayenne plugin vs gts +280lbs -4hp +55lb -0.2 (5.2 vs 5.4) q7 etron vs TDI +900lbs +100hp +73lb -0.4 (5.8 vs 6.2) aviator vs aviator plugin +781lbs +60hp +200/220lb -0.9* (4.3*vs 5.2*) Notice how the plugin is quicker than the gasoline in almost every suv, I suspect it's due to 2 main reasons: 1) instantaneous torque delivered by electric engine(s) 2) More rear-biased weight distribution of plugin suvs (just think how quick is the porsche 911 compared to rivals with the same hp) When the advantage on torque is consistent, we see bigger difference, like on the volvo and the audi. The cayenne is anomalous here, being quicker and less powerful than the GTS at the same time. So I guess that, considering the monster torque of the aviator, we should see a low 4s number on the 0-60 acceleration. That couldn't look very impressive today, since we have compact performances suvs like the stelvio quadrifoglio that can do a 3.2 seconds 0-60 mph, but just 5 years ago, the aviator plugin could have tied the macan turbo (that used to do 4.2/4.3 seconds on the 0-60 mph) as the quickest suv in the world.
  5. rothen

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    I think the aviator plug in will be quicker than the explorer st and the regular aviator, that should have a similar acceleration.
  6. rothen

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Did you have a chance to see if the third and second row fold flat?
  7. rothen

    Was able to Sit in the Aviator

    Well, absolutly, the aviator is really great!
  8. rothen

    Was able to Sit in the Aviator

    I would need a cargo cover that go all way down to the second row...so I'd need an aftermarket one probably. Also I'm buying one too (the plugin hybrid), I was cross shopping with the GLE 450 and Q8, but this is the best for the price.
  9. cool thanks. Do you even know if the aviator offers a cd player/charger? It's becoming rare these days, but for example the cayenne offers a cd charger on the glovebox for an extra.
  10. Hi, I'm cross shopping the new aviator with the Q7 3.0 TFSI, but I'm sure I'll get the lincoln (probably the grand touring hybrid) because looks like a great suv. My vehicle will get the bench 2° row and I'm wondering if in Canada or US the aviator get a cargo cover like many competitors. For some reasons, on american cars this feature is not always standard. If anyone know more about that, please let me know, thanks.