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  1. AutomotiveAddicts

    Phone As A Key

    Same here. Going to wait till the 10K service, which I will probably have done earlier than 10K miles. Supposedly, with that update, it addresses other issues as well (software related) for better stability. That's the word from the "inside" I've heard through the grapevine. just over 4500 miles and it has been GREAT!
  2. AutomotiveAddicts

    New Owner Impressions

    that is true, for the aviator as well! black label aviator changes a lot... the lower door trim is even soft touch for the BL. love the suede-like headliner, the soft leather, and dash treatment.
  3. AutomotiveAddicts

    Build quality worries

    yup. that’s me.
  4. AutomotiveAddicts

    Build quality worries

    Xpel already has the data in their computer for cutting their products for the Aviator. My installer already checked. Will be doing the full hood, front fenders, front bumper, rearview mirror, and headlights. I may have him throw in something for the top of the rear bumper but it is pretty shallow so the risk of having luggage or anything hit it is pretty low.
  5. AutomotiveAddicts

    Build quality worries

    Thanks everyone. It is a blessing to have such a vehicle. We're really loving it. Next step is for some front-end paint protection film. I do notice that one of the roof speaker grills tabs is not locking into place (the rear driver side roof grille)... just one of the 4 plastic clips. looks like an easy fix through some bending of the plastic and metal mesh. HAHA. I didn't attempt to fix it as it would not snap into place on the one clip. It stays in place for now. Funny to even have to say this on a luxury vehicle. But, I expect small things like this, unfortunately. I may have my dealer order a new speak mesh grille and see how that goes.
  6. AutomotiveAddicts

    Build quality worries

    Here she is... just before I got the windows tinted. Sorry, I know this is the wrong forum post for this.. but this is an example of a unit without those "issues". I'm thankful for that, thus far.
  7. AutomotiveAddicts

    Build quality worries

    I'm thinking relays for the air suspension controller in addition to other power systems. Though, it sort of reminds me of Land Rovers, which isn't a good thing considering how bad their electronics are. Hate to say that.. haha. I hear others have the same thing happen, even in the new Explorer ST. After-all, the park lights, dashboard and infotainment screen, and suspension system all come to life just by opening a door. That's not even including the door mechanics getting powered up again. After driving as many cars as I have none of this surprises me considering how many tech/electric units are on vehicles today. Only time will tell the durability of them. I'm not worried though. I'll give the Aviator a shot. It sure does look nice and people are perplexed by seeing it go down the the road. Hardly anyone knows what it is or what to make of it. The Flight Blue paint job is pretty good... though there are some very very small imperfections. But I am very picky and tend to find fault with a lot of vehicles in doing reviews often. Even flaws in six-figure cars. One one other note, the air suspension and its road preview feature appears to work identical to the one in a new 2020 BMW 750i I got in for review... funny enough, it is the best riding 7 Series I've ever driven and it rides JUST LIKE my Aviator. I kid you not! Take it for whatever it's worth. haha.
  8. AutomotiveAddicts

    Build quality worries

    Well, I got our Black Label a few weeks ago. Had one issue: the front windshield camera for many systems (lane keep assist, auto high beam, etc) needed to be recalibrated and a clip for its placement was missing possibly due to the windshield having to be replaced at the factory or the offsite location for performing the recalls. Supposedly mine was held up due to the recalls. Apart from that, it’s great and all panels are straight. Got it with about 30 miles and just racking up a couple hundred miles. Having to get used to the clicking of the electronics when getting out and the indecisiveness of the air suspension lowering or not for easy exit/entry. Great vehicle and so far so good outside of the one issue, which my dealership addressed right away.
  9. AutomotiveAddicts

    What an insult to compare the Aviator to a Kia!

    It’s happening more often now and we will just need to accept the fact of mainstream automakers going more premium. not surprised to see it. After all, kia and hyundai are making major strides. where some of the main differences reside is the powertrain, “luxury” amenities, lower volume for the luxury brand, and service offerings where luxury brands have drop off services with loaner vehicles no question asked and avoidance of going into a dealership that sells $13k cars. trust me, the kias and hyundai’s drive nothing like the aviator. also, it works up stream... luxury buyers who are used to luxury vehicles aren’t going to go downstream unless they are seriously hard pressed - as in lack the money all of a sudden.
  10. AutomotiveAddicts

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    it now says “awaiting shipment” it is not a gt... a BL normal gas. haha
  11. AutomotiveAddicts

    AVIATOR GT Delivery Date

    Employees taking off without calling in??? Is that something we should be concerned about when it comes to quality of our build? Wow. My build has had a vin for a few weeks now but still “in production” it’s a normal BL. Maybe it’s being held up for qa and/or the recall work.
  12. AutomotiveAddicts

    Aviator Reviews

    In regards to the seats, I know in my experience they DO take a while to find your optimal position - which means the reviewer would have had to take some extra time to find that perfect comfy position. I'm willing to bet that most did not take much time. However, that optimal position is there if you search for it - in my opinion. It may take you several minutes.
  13. AutomotiveAddicts

    GT electric driving range of 18 miles

    Considering those are press vehicles they were driven hard previously in small spurts, which would yield a lower overall range. If you drive the GT on the highway then refueled it the range will be higher as the computer will naturally base range off of recent MPG and driving style, just like any other MPG/DTE computer. Something to keep in mind.
  14. AutomotiveAddicts

    Aviator Reviews

    It is just me, or do these reviews vary greatly? One review says the seats aren't comfy, the other says they are excellent. One review "estimates" a 0-60 mph time of 7.5 seconds, while car and driver estimates 5.1-5.3 seconds. I'm thinking some of these folks got a little lost during the press event. Maybe they need a full week with the vehicle and some GPS-based timers. Strange, but not completely surprising. Thoughts? Have you all read many of the new reviews today?
  15. Adaptive Suspension gives you the coil springs with dampers that are electronically controlled (dampened) from detected movements. A very common feature among many vehicles. In the Excite mode the dampers will firm up slightly. Separately - With the Dynamic Handling Package, an option, you get the air suspension system, which utilizes air springs (specialized air bladders at each corner) along with adaptive dampening that is manipulated by additional control units due to the road preview that reads the road via a camera mounted above the front review mirror. The Air Suspension system also has other features for lowering during entry/exit, raising in the Deep Conditions drive mode, lowering in Excite Mode, and auto-lowering around 70 mph for better stability at highway speeds. Supposedly there are additional actuators as part of the dynamic handling package for modulation of the wheels when a rise or dip is detcted in the road to pre-load the system for a proactive adjustment to smooth out the road imperfection.