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  1. tip-and-ring

    2011 f150

    Larry, Did that fix it? I was at the Ford dealership yesterday & showed them the TSB. They said that they couldn't do it under my warranty unless I have a problem. I was trying to get it done before there is a problem. I know that it is for 2010-2014 trucks F150.
  2. tip-and-ring

    Extended Warranty Advice?

    My Ford ESP is expiring in December 2019. I'm thinking about renewing it. I got a quote from www.LombardFordWarrantys.com While at my local Autonation Ford dealer yesterday for an oil change, They are giving me a quote too. I'm in Florida so it probably will be a set price. I got a quote from www.LombardFordWarrantys.com Term miles End Year* End Miles Premium Care Extra Care Base Care Powertrain Care 48,000 2024 77,748 $2,750 $2,450 $1,995 $1,600 60,000 2024 89,748 $3,010 $2,675 $2,485 $2,005 75,000 2024 104,748 $3,300 $2,900 $2,570
  3. tip-and-ring

    SuperCab w/ 5.5' box

    Supercab Raptors are a little harder to find. I ordered my 2013 Supercab since most dealers stock the crew cab. It has all the room I need inside the cab & the shorter bed is fine. Lots of fun to drive.
  4. Hello all I have a Black 2013 Ford F150 Raptor supercab. I ordered it & got it on 12/7/2012. It has almost 30K miles on it. I found this site while searching Ford ESP extended warranty. I have an existing Ford EXP warranty that will expire on 12/7/2019. I'm also on a Ford Raptor forum too. I've learned a lot on that forum & also look forward to learning on here. I also own a Black 2019 GMC Yukon Denali. Tip
  5. tip-and-ring

    Extended Warranty Advice?

    I know this is a old topic. I found this while searching for Ford ESP. If you that a GM Factory extended warranty for a GM vehicle. James E. Black Cadillac Genuine GM Extended Protection Plan (GMEPP). Please call 877-472-9550 (Option 1 sales) and have your VIN# (Serial Number), Current Odometer reading, and your estimated miles per year you drive. I bought my extended warranty from them on my 2019 GMC Yukon Denali. I have no other interest other than to pass on a great experience & great price. When I called, I actually spoke with the owner "Alan" Cool guy.