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  1. jambo

    UAW-Vote Democrat 2020?

    I am new here and I NEVER comment on political issues. That said I like the forum and felt that I should add my .02. To be clear I have studied political science as a hobby for most of my life including ancient political systems. What we are seeing very clearly in our new country is a scheme known as "Divide and Rule" by the political elites. The easiest way to control a populace is to divide them, and even best let them divide themselves! They do this by being opposed on very personal topics, topics that evoke the most emotion. I.e. my family, my children's future, my security, etc. Just look at who holds the power and who is making the most money; The politicians. We need to look at any of the rhetoric through that lens. I am a proud American, our founding fathers were brilliant and great political scientists. What they put in place is lasting, but is being broken down by the career politicians who are using our country for their own gain. Please help push for equal justice for politicians and non-politicians as well as the need for term limits. Thank you for a wonderful forum BY THE WAY!
  2. jambo

    2020 Explorer ST

    I picked up my 2020 Explorer ST yesterday and I LOVE IT!!! I already put 250 miles on it and I can say its a real beast!!! The motor is tuned very well and in sport mode it keeps you up on the turbos as much as possible with the 10 speed transmission. I was trying to find the sweet spot for the turbos but it was a bit hard as I think the computers are doing some manipulation and I am used to the feedback of lesser controlled turbo cars. In "normal" and especially "eco" mode the engine map is quite a bit slower and the turbo's come on much slower. They have tuned the transmission in each mode very well and I am extremely impressed by the response. I have the "street pack" and the Pirelli Scorpion tires are KILLER with tons of grip. I had the tires squealing in the corners when dry and the large SUV sat remarkably flat in the corners. Since it rained today I had a chance of testing the Pirellis in wet conditions and even though the grip level was far less the tires/automobile had great feedback and I could feel the slip angle easily. The ST handles VERY WELL, I am very impressed by its ability in the corners for a large, heavy SUV. The street pack brakes are quite good and strong. I did get the brakes to fade a bit but they were new and I was pushing them hard. I can say that I am extremely impressed and I am happy I purchased this vehicle. It will be a good addition to my garage and driven happily for the next 36 months!!!