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  1. mmbutts98

    Window Sticker Lookup

    ICE, could I get the window sticker for the VIN below? It's a used 2018 that I want to purchase but I'm getting the run around on the specs. Thanks! 1FTEW1EG4JFE04563
  2. mmbutts98

    Don’t buy a Ford

    I prefer Fords...but sometimes the sales guys turn me off at dealerships when they are shady...but that's all dealerships for all brands.
  3. mmbutts98

    2020 F-250

    Does anyone know when the 2020 250s will come out?
  4. mmbutts98

    Floor Liners

    Had weathertech previously. Now moving to Husky.
  5. mmbutts98

    Wheel well liner

    Are they worth the money? In what instance?
  6. mmbutts98


    I used to drive a "old blue" Ford in high school. Coming back to an F150 now after driving Chevy and Dodge. So glad!
  7. mmbutts98

    What I'd like to see...

    An F150 hybrid....sooner than later.