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  1. Iusetoownfordsbutistilldo

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Can you run two vins for me please? Lincoln 1LN6L9NC3H5602958 Ford 1FAHP2KTXKG103606 Thank you.
  2. Iusetoownfordsbutistilldo

    Buying extended warranty - Opinions

    I can't find them for Continentals either. Are they out there or solely Ford?
  3. Iusetoownfordsbutistilldo


    How do you like that Ecoboost? Is it enough for the truck?
  4. Iusetoownfordsbutistilldo

    Continental reliability

    What does everyone think of the current generation of Lincoln Continentals? Specifically I'm looking at the 2017s. I'm currently shopping for one. Any issues I should be aware of prior to purchase?
  5. Iusetoownfordsbutistilldo

    Engine swap

    Gotta agree with the other poster. If it is currently all original it will definitely hurt the value. You gotta decide if that hit is worth it.
  6. Iusetoownfordsbutistilldo

    New to the forums..

    Been a life long Ford owner but just discovered these forums. 68 Mustang 88 Ranger 01 Expedition 14 Taurus 16 Explorer