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  1. Bob Durk

    Lift gate occasional problem 2019 Edge

    Thanks Black Label, I guess I'll deal with it since it only happens occasionally.
  2. Once in awhile, (say one out of every five times), when pushing the close button it begins to close but stops one third of the way down and the warning beep sounds. These times there is nothing blocking the safe closing. Tried the owners manual for trouble shooting with no success. Any ideas?
  3. Bob Durk

    Reset Tire Warning Light

    I have a 2019 Titanium. Pulled out the owners manual and followed it. Bingo! All fixed and thank you for telling me what the wife suggested initially but I thought I could out fox technology. πŸ˜„
  4. Bob Durk

    Reset Tire Warning Light

    Yellow tire pressure light came on. After filling tires to proper psi's I went thru the triple on/off starter button - brake pedal series twice as suggested following the steps precisely. Yellow light remains on. 😟 Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. I couldn't find it after looking. Thnx for the repost. . . . . I thought I already posted it and became frustrated when I couldn't locate it. Operator errorπŸ˜€
  6. My Edge Titanium reverse tilting mirrors suddenly stopped working last week My dealer says they can't get an error code, can't reset them. They are now questioning me as to if I ever had that function. I do and I'm not crazy. Don't know what to do next and they don't either. πŸ€’
  7. Bob Durk

    APIM Issues Forever

    Now that the kinks have been fixed I have to say I am thrilled with the Edge. Comfortable and the safety features are a plus. πŸ‘
  8. Bob Durk

    2019 Edge Titanium - Great Fuel Mileage!

    I'm only averaging 23 mpg on my '19 Edge Titanium. Must be my size 14 shoes. πŸ‘Ÿ
  9. Bob Durk

    2019 Edge Titanium Lemon??

    Have 1600 miles on my new Edge Titanium. I love everything about it except in for repair 4 times and 3 times now for stalling while driving. First repair required a new APIM module. Second stall out in traffic it restarted on its own after sitting 15 minutes. Dealer could not replicate any issues. Third occurred when I started it up and backed up about 2 ft and it cut off again. Fourth time, unlike previous times, every feature on the car flashed inoperative on the dash meaning one malfunction killed everything. I was unable to get it out of park after it stopped and trying to restart was fruitless. Towed to dealer with the safety features still blinking on dash. They got it restarted in the service lane somehow but when they shut it off to complete the paperwork the headlights never went out on their own. Anyone having complete cut off incidents I'd love to hear if you were ever fixed permanently. I hate the thought of having to rent a vehicle when travelling out of state with two dogs. At some point this car may qualify under the lemon law. UPDATE: I posted this last issue on Saturday. The car was taken in on the previous Thursday. Today, Monday, they are saying the can't replicate the issue. Well it shuts off when I drive it. IN FACT TWICE RECENTLY. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to pick it up only to wait till it quits running again. It' s like an insurance company denying a legitimate claim. 😣 Finally a break in this case Tuesday evening they called and said the car did quit on them as they were backing out of the repair garage. It is now undergoing a more precise exam since they have something to go on. Today (Wednesday is almost a week they've had it this time) Hopefully I'll get it fixed soon. I guess the Lemon Law protection consumers are afforded might be helping them respond. Stay tuned. CASE CLOSED AFTER 7 DAYS On the 7th Day of Christmas my dealer gave to me . . . . . . . . . a fixed car. (Found a short in the fuse panel box. Replaced and running fine.) 😁
  10. This just started on my 2019 Edge with 400 miles. Pulling away and just after shifting out of first gear the engine losses power for 2 seconds then catches back again. Happens only on first trip. Once warmed up it performs as normal. So far I've had the APIM replaced, then the battery cable had a bad connection causing tota engine failure while driving at 40 mph and now this. 😫 Anyone else experience this oddity? HAVE UPDATED THIS POST UNDER . . . . . . '2019 EDGE TITANIUM LEMON ?
  11. Bob Durk

    APIM Issues Forever

    You bet, thnx. It's nice to have him as a contact. It would have been worse if we were on an interstate or several hundred miles from home.
  12. Bob Durk

    APIM Issues Forever

    Mr. Bradley, More news from the 'Test Dummy'. After enjoying a full day of driving with the new APIM, low and behold as we were motoring down the road, the car cut off completely and had to maneuvered to a safe landing spot. At the left side of speedometer, every safety feature blinked in secession that they were all not working. Obviously so since the car itself had disabled itself. Called the 1-800 tow service, which by the time all the prompts were completed, our cellphone battery came close to dying. Sweating to death in (feels like 100 0 heat in Atlanta) we finally got the car back to the dealer. Diagnosis: faulty accelerator gas/oxygen ratio unit. Dealer supplied us another loaner and said we can expect to have it back in 2 to 3 days. With mileage now at 300 we have experienced an issue at 100 then 200 and now 300 miles. They say things usually come in 3's so hopefully from here on out it will be clear sailing. Don't worry, if it isn't we'll be communicating again. Signed, Test Dummy
  13. Bob Durk

    APIM Issues Forever

  14. Bob Durk

    APIM Issues Forever

    Appreciate your response. We love the 2019 Titanium Edge after trading our 2019 Acura for a grinding brake issue they couldn't solve. Today the dealer replaced my APIM module. My fingers are crossed that it holds out. Signed, Test Dummy
  15. Bob Durk

    APIM Issues Forever

    Can someone of authority tell me why the APIM module has been a grief for so many of us for so long? When I research the issue they date back many years ago and haven't been corrected yet. What is going on?