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    DPoS6 news.

    Hi, Where can i find this specific info? i was told the same you have above but cannot find it in writing from Ford Here's the info on DPoS6 coverages (finally) and I hope I have this right as it is a tad confusing. Vehicles who were covered under FSA 15B22 but have not had FSA 14M02 or TSB 16-0129 performed will have FSA 15B22 re-opened and have free software installed until 8/31/2020 for the TCM. No mileage limit, branded title vehicles are covered. FSA 19N07 then covers the TCM in those cars (some 11-15 Fiesta and 12-14 Focus) for TCM replacement 6 months from the time of a repair order for FSA 15B22 being opened. Most branded title cars are covered, but there are VERY specific exclusions. FSA 19N08 extends clutch shudder coverage to 7 years or 100k miles from in service date for 14 and 15 Fiesta and 14-16 Focus. Branded titles excluded. ****This is all VIN specific*** so it must be checked through OASIS, and is in addition to cars already covered by FSA 14M01 and FSA 14M02.