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    New or slightly used Expedition?

    It's probably because the new gen has been out now for nearly two years. I've been looking at purchasing a used "something" for the last three years. First, I was considering a 2016 Explorer Sport with 301a and they were going for high $30's to low $40's. Now you can get a 2018 Explorer Sport (minus 301a but has cooled seats) for low to mid $30's.
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    Window Sticker Lookup

    Window sticker please? VIN 1FMJU1KTXJEA60986 Thanks in advance!
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    2018 remote start not working

    This would have been my response/question.
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    Exhaust Manifold Studs

    Soak in Penetrating spray? Muscle? lol
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    New or slightly used Expedition?

    Compared to my 2006, the 2018 seems leaps and bounds better. The 4th gens (2018+) are expensive though, even in the used market right now.
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    I hope my 2018 does not end up like my 2006.
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    Hello all!

    Just picked up a used 2018 Expedition Limited . Other vehicles include a 2006 Expedition and a 1997 Mustang. Looking for ward to getting useful info from this site.