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  1. JohnLouis

    2020 Lincoln Aviator

    Advanced settings?? where is that?? not on the SYNC panel. Do owners have access to that?
  2. JohnLouis

    Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

    To Mustangchief - Thanks! The change in speed happens almost instantaneously. Here in NJ many country roads go straight from 50 to 35 mph and that is a dramatic instant reduction. It's good to know that the brakes lights at least flash warning those behind.
  3. Now that the vehicle reads the speed limit signs while in cruise control; if there is a decrease in speed due to the speed limit signs, and the vehicle makes that change and slows down, does it turn on the brake lights (at least flashes them) to indicate to drivers behind that you are slowing down?
  4. JohnLouis

    Seat Message

    New thought: There is no mention of the seat "Active Motion (seat message)" controls in the owner’s manual. And the only way to turn it on/off is from the "Information and Entertainment Display" under "Settings", Seats. Now, on the door, seat control panel; there is a button (seat with star) that currently activates the "Information and Entertainment display", Seat display to configure and turn message on/off. I think that it would be better/SAFER to use that display screen to set up your basic message configuration and save it in your profile. Then enable the message on/off by just using the door control button. If you want to change the basic configuration, then you should pull over to do it. This would make it consistent with the NAV destination controls (cannot configure while vehicle is in motion).
  5. JohnLouis

    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    If as an owner of a 2020 Aviator, if I can manually turn this feature off every time I start the engine; then Lincoln should keep me as a Happy returning customer, and default it to OFF for me. Had I know about this features default state before purchase, I would have told the salesman where he could put the demo vehicle!!!!!! I still have not heard back from my service manager or Mark Fields requesting that it be changed!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. JohnLouis

    2020 Lincoln Aviator

    ,I am one VERY UNHAPPY owner at this point, I remember all the sales hype about the "Driving Experience". Every time I start the engine I have to go into the settings and turn this PAIN IN THE A** feature off. I do NO city driving and do not appreciate the hesitation in the go after stopping. If there are any savings in gas, it get's pissed away the first time I take off at a light. It is also it difficult to understand why after spending +$75K on a vehicle that weighs 2.5 tons and has a 400 HP engine that I, as the owner and customer, can not get Ford/Lincoln to change the default setting for this feature to OFF! I have also tried the 4 wire tail light tester - it did not work.