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  1. R_V

    '76 Ford Bronco

    sold it for $4k. I wonder what it would sell for now
  2. R_V

    '76 Ford Bronco

    it was an ugly brown color but it was dent free
  3. R_V

    '76 Ford Bronco

    back in '93 I sold my '76 Ford Bronco thinking I was moving to Idaho and would pick another one up there.. Big mistake, never made it to Idaho. Wish I'd never sold it.
  4. R_V

    New here, just got an F 150

    Like several others, I found this site while trying to get a pdf of my window sticker. Bought a 2016 F 150 Lariat . I guess I have to bake a few post before I can post in https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63182-window-sticker-lookup/&page=35
  5. R_V

    Just joined

    me too