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  1. inoaguy

    1.5l oil capacity

    Thanks...So I'm going to assume the real capacity is 4.3 qts.....Clever idea about the sticky note!
  2. inoaguy


    New to this Forum....own a 2019 Escape w/1.5l Ecoboost
  3. inoaguy

    1.5l oil capacity

    Hello....new to this Forum.....tried searching with no luck. Had my 2019 Escape at the dealer to handle the 19b37 FSA done, and also an oil change. When I got home, checked the dip stick and it was overfilled, about 1/2 inch above the MAX mark. This is the 2nd time in my experience with 1.5l engines where its been overfilled. Some online info says 5 qts but my manual says 4.3 qts. Why would the Ford dealer not know to use 4.3 qts? I drained the excess out myself. Any input would be aprreciated...Thanks