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  1. Here are the only interior photos I have at the time but another look at Invitation theme edited to say I was nervous about it bc it was a new color that you couldn’t see in person before ordering, but I am very pleased with it
  2. Its a complete crapshoot it seems! Here’s to good news soon!!! ??
  3. It's been scheduled to come by truck all along. At least I'm pretty sure it has been. I didn't even know this order tracker thing was a thing. I feel cheated now haha. I could of had something else to be tracking haha
  4. I still don't see anything showing mine as anything but built lol. I was SHOCKED when my salesman text me a picture this afternoon. I hope you get a similar surprise too. Edited to add that I'm only a 3.5 hour drive from the factory so that could be why it arrived and yours hasn't. Hoping you get a surprise update so soon!
  5. Nooooooo. Goodness that is SO ANNOYING. Maybe we’ll both get em on Saturday.
  6. No way! You gotta make em give you yours tomorrow haha.
  7. Good new y’all! It never showed as shipped on my end or the dealerships end but he’s here!!!! Officially becomes ours Saturday morning!!!
  8. Congratulations! You know we all expect photos and updates ?
  9. Any idea what is holding yours up? Interior color etc? I ordered 10/18 and it was built 3/30 and has been sitting there waiting for transport ever since ??‍♀️
  10. Thank you for checking. Sorry to waste your time. Appreciate you!
  11. Not holding my breath on this one, but it was nice to have a little communication. Even if the email was sent on the 19th ? @Xraymd- did you receive an update?
  12. Graciously asking for an update and hoping this is the last time I have to bug you Vin # 5LMJJ2TT8NEL03940 Order K11J
  13. Congratulations!! Hope you are able to pick it up soon! Can’t wait for photos and impressions!!
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