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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. My window sticker shows convoy in lieu of rail so I believe it’s truck. I also follow my dealer on 6G and Instagram and they’ve confirmed they are truck deliveries.
  2. I was lucky enough to avoid the airbag recall window. However, I still am still waiting on my rig to ship. It was officially build on 9/27 and is to head via convoy to West Virginia. Non of the tracking systems have updated in the past 2 weeks. I wouldn't think much of this but other people with later build dates are having theirs show up at the same dealership. Not sure what the hold up is with mine.
  3. Today is the day my vehicle goes down the assembly line! Based on people with build dates earlier this week it seems it's 2 days to ship. Anyone have any idea if MAP is working Saturday? Wondering what the process is for a vehicle built late on a Friday.
  4. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. I think Ford had the right intent but didn't have the right people in place. Like I said... get some enthusiasts on the forums/social media that can be a conduit between the consumer and Ford. Ross has been doing the job for free.
  5. My biggest gripe with this whole launch is the lack of communication from Ford. From the moment they released the video footage back in July 2020 the communication has been bad. The Bronco Nation is suppose to be a conduit from Ford to the consumer. However, many generic questions on that forum fall on deaf ears. Simple questions like tire/wheel specifications were kept in the dark for months post release. Now Ford is cracking down hard on the employee who was taking photos of the preproduction units. I understand completely that you should never take photos that could show potential OSHA hazards or unreleased specifications. However, all the information was made public yet Ford did not have a steady stream of communication to the public. The Bronco Nation had a Q/A session early on and stated that they'd be doing those regularly. That never materialized. I went to two Dealer Demo events and was floored at how uniformed their reps were. I don't blame the reps, I blame Ford for not training them up or having an enthusiast there to answer any and all questions. This is an enthusiast driven vehicle, get the enthusiasts on the forums answering what they can. Ford Motor Company has a generic account on B6G who has been copy and pasting the same generic message over and over stating "We are listening". It's basically the equivalent of calling a support line and getting an automated answering system. No one wants that! Also, please don't tell me Ford owes nothing to the consumer and that the dealerships are their customers. I understand that remark in terms of a business sense but many customers are Ford stock holders and at the end of the day they are also the end consumer.
  6. Following up to Ross' post. Details from Ford can be found here. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/📣-ford-announces-mic-hardtop-solution-unscheduled-orders-will-get-my2022-delivered-built-broncos-will-have-tops-replaced.21508/
  7. I’ll gladly take a soft top with the hard top prep kit at this point. My VIN was pulled back in May and Ford has continuously kicked the can down the road on my rig. The issue at hand is I am stuck in limbo as I can’t modify my rig post VIN.
  8. I read a post on Facebook (super reliable source.. I know) that many of the units that are stuck in purgatory are waiting on "something". Latest I read was the camera system and tops. Obviously take it with a grain of salt.
  9. @fuzzymoomoo @ice-capades Are either of you able to provide any information on more MAP shutdowns for the month of August? I know as of early last week nothing was confirmed. On Friday a bunch of people had their build dates kicked 2 weeks. Then a bunch of these same people actually had their builds kicked another month to late September/early October.
  10. So MAP could be shut down another two weeks. August 16th and potentially August 23rd. @fuzzymoomoo have you heard anything about this?
  11. Just got word from my dealer that my anticipated blend date has shifted from Wednesday 8/18 to Saturday 8/21. Is 8/21 the first weekend shift at MAP?
  12. I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.
  13. added some screenshots for everyone else to see.