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  1. I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.
  2. added some screenshots for everyone else to see.
  3. Thank you for sharing those photos. I hope Ford gets that resolved quickly.
  4. Just got off the phone with customer service. My Badlands is now showing 8/16 production week. Originally it was 7/19 which was then moved to 8/2 last week after the Ford email. Was really hoping the 8/2 was a worse case scenario.
  5. Dirty Bronco

    2021 Bronco Reviews

    @Anthony Here is another TFL video. In this one they state the on-road characteristics of the Bronco are much better than the Wrangler.
  6. And just like that... everything productive Ross had planned for today and tomorrow is thrown out the window! Congrats!
  7. I've been mentally planning how I am going to change up my garage as well. I need to decide how I'm going to store/mount the doors and roof pieces when they come off. Need to give this horse a proper stable.
  8. Oof! @fuzzymoomoo any word in the impact of this? https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/mother-nature-hates-us-map-flooded-last-night-no-bronco-production.18306/
  9. @PREMiERdrum @silvrsvt Everything I have seen on Bronco6g.com has deliveries arriving 2 days after the vehicle completion date. You two should be cruising VERY soon.
  10. So my build with a vin that was kicked to 8/2 will be unaffected by this email then? Also, if this does happen then I feel really bad for the people who delayed their orders for the painted hard top option.
  11. Ford is sending out another mass email later this evening. Wonder what this one is about https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/communication-for-unscheduled-orders-coming-today-4pm-eastern.18212/
  12. My guess is that Ford is going to announce these delays and shortages causing more people who opted for MY21 to be pushed to MY22. I really hope I get mine in so I can capitalize on the trade in values being insane atm.
  13. I agree. More and more people have been joining that website as we get closer to mass production. The problem is the new people who don't know how a forum works or are just too lazy to use the search function. I mostly use the site for new updates or to see what bread crumbs @PREMiERdrum is dropping for us peasants lol
  14. Saw this on Facebook. It gives me hope that things will follow suit like they did with multiple people on the forums and my build will actually get pulled forward from the 8/2 stable. I have plenty of deadly sins though so fingers are crossed.
  15. For the record I am 17 at my dealership with MIC, 2.7, Lux, Sasquatch and I have a Vin. I was not a priority build but I did get my reservation in roughly 2 hours after the premier.