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  1. The dealerships so far have stated that they are sticking to it so we will see. http://www.stephensauto.com/2021-bronco/ https://www.grangerford.com/new-ford-bronco.html
  2. I do think some dealerships were complaining which lead Ford to make the call the way they did. However, this is a double sided sword. On one hand it helps the local dealers who are trying to hang on to every single dollar they can in order to stay in business/turn profit. On the other hand, this could totally backfire with the intent. Over on the 6G forum there are a few dealerships that were offering $1000 below invoice. Many people are traveling to those dealerships for savings because when you compare $1000 below invoice to MSRP, the pricing is actually quite a bit. You can even ship the Bronco across America and still save money. (People on the forum are doing it). The saving grace was that, many dealerships closer to these people were offering the "X-plan if it is allowed". Now that this has been removed I foresee hundreds of people taking up the $1000 below invoice pricing offer by the select few dealerships. On a side note: you know the first people to reserve on opening night/that first week are the enthusiasts. Stating the demand for a non limited production vehicle lead to the removal of X-plan pricing is a bit of a slap in the face to the true fans.
  3. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/spotted-bronco-warthog-marked-as-warthog-by-ford-engineers.6825/ More Warthog photos. Some good shots of the suspension in there too.
  4. Appreciate the information guys.
  5. Thanks for educating me on the issue. I have fixed this in my initial post. I just hope this is in fact a green bronco and that a green will be available at some point during 2021 MY.
  6. A possible green Bronco was hidden in a trailer at Super Cel East. When asked about it the drivers and employees were very quiet. Allegedly it is heading to an event in Seattle. People are speculating that it is either the Big Bend Mountain Dew giveaway vehicle or it is a Warthog tied to the Halo video game. Reasoning behind the Halo theory... 1. Microsoft is in Seattle 2. Microsoft owns Xbox which owns Halo 3. New Xbox is coming out in November (Xbox Series X) 4. New Halo game is coming out in 2021 5. Halo has a famous vehicle called the Warthog 6. Microsoft and Ford have worked together in the past. (edited due to error) I just don't see the suspension in this lining up with what we have seen previously for it to be a Warthog.
  7. Area 51 is growing on me for sure. Really wish they offer the B&O sound system and the larger screen as a la carte options.
  8. Bit surprised no one here has commented on these photos and the white top on the Wildtrak. According to Mike Levine this is early prototype testing and that the white top is not an option. Bums me out as we were previously told through the grape vine not to worry about the white top. The lineup is looking nice though!