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  1. I did track it as much as i could, information is limited to us Canadians. I found that I got better/more detailed info from this forum.
  2. Correct, I placed my order Sep 3 and my car was built and ready to ship Oct 28. Then it sat waited until Dec 23 before it was eventually allocated to a railcar and then finally arrived in Calgary this week.
  3. It's finally arrived at the dealership, picking it up tomorrow 😁
  4. No problem, thanks for all your help. I’m guessing it should only take a day to get from Spokane
  5. Thanks, does the system give any information on when it will head to Calgary?
  6. So my dealer still says my car has not left FRAP.
  7. I’m in Calgary, I use this https://www.alumizilla.com/vot.php
  8. I totally agree usedboxman
  9. I actually think they are just useless! They act as if they did me a favour by ordering the car I want.
  10. Thanks ill hit the dealer with that
  11. So my dealer is now telling me that my car is still at FRAP. Are you able to look at this please fuzzymoomoo or ice-capades? Thanks
  12. Just received a railcar # from my dealer, although there is still no shipment date. Shipped Rail - Railcar # ETTX711750 (Canadian National Railways )
  13. Thanks, guess i'll just have to try and be patient!
  14. Ok, thanks for your help everyone
  15. Just had an update from my dealer, who now says the delay is because of a lack of railcars. Could this be true or just the dealer trying to fob me off?