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  1. Obed96

    USB A and C Use Simultaneously

    As an update for anyone that might find this issue- My dealer says that both USB ports are supposed to function simultaneously, so my USB module is faulty. They are replacing it under warranty. Hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
  2. We have the Aviator reserve ll with a rear bench. Because of this, the 2nd row only has the the dual USB A and C outlet. We have two children with iPads and a cable of each type plugged into the bottom of the main console. We have noticed that the iPads randomly stop charging. If I unplug them both for about 30 seconds, then plug back in, they start charging again. I’m wondering if this is as designed, or if I should talk to the dealer. According to the OM, it is a 5A fuse, so it should be able to handle two iPads @ 2.1 amps each. Also, the iPads will only pull whatever the outlet is capable of sending (even if it is 500mV). I know that I can use the 115V AC outlet, but I would prefer to stick to DC as the inverter is very inefficient when converting AC to DC and vise versa. Any thoughts or ideas?
  3. Obed96

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    Bummer. I had the same issue with a Kia telluride that I ordered. Seats were so bad that it was causing my rear end to go numb every time that I drove it. Had to get rid of it with less than 500 miles. Fortunately, they are in such high demand that I didn’t lose any money. Ironically, this is what I traded for the Aviator. Perhaps I better just get back in shape and lose this “quarantine 15”...lol. Also a bit ironic, but we also had a VW Atlas that I had no issues with comfort whatsoever.(even after a 7 hour road trip).
  4. Obed96

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    I’m curious to know what your issue was. I am having a problem right where the seam is. Doesn’t seem like there is quite enough support in that section (for me).
  5. Obed96

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    Good question. I actually drove it for about 30 minutes before buying. Didn’t notice the back fatigue until driving for about an hour. it’s not terrible, but annoying for a $75k vehicle. I tried searching the internet to see if others are having this issue and could not find one mention. Perhaps it is I that has the issue.🤪
  6. Obed96

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    Appreciate the advice. I have tried multiple adjustments with lumbar, but it is usually when I am driving. I think the issue might be that by the time fatigue sets in, it is too late to adjust to find relief. I need to figure out the proper adjustments to support the spot between my shoulder blades. I’m just not sure how.
  7. Obed96

    Perfect Position Seat Comfort

    I appreciate the feedback. I have adjusted every which way, but think my back starts to hurt before I find a good position. By the time that happens, it is too late. I will try this at the start to see if it makes a difference. Our other vehicle is a 2019 RAM 1500 limited with very comfortable seats, but I have noticed that they are vastly different. For example, my upper back and shoulders do not touch the seat when I am driving the truck. My theory is that this forces me to keep my core tighter which reduces fatigue. My contrast, the perfect position seats support almost everything, which may promote “lazy” posture and slouching. Also, agreed on the passenger memory function. With seats like this it is needed (Doug Demuro said the same thing).
  8. Obed96

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    We picked up our 2020 aviator about 2 weeks ago and just went on a road trip with the family. It is buttery smooth. We have the reserve ll with the dynamic handling package. Previously, we had a 2019 atlas with 21” wheels, a 2017 Ford Explorer platinum with 20” wheels, and a 2017 Lincoln MKC with 19” wheels and adaptive suspension. The MKC was definitely the most comfortable out of the three and perhaps slightly less stiff than the Aviator. In my opinion, the look of the 22’s are phenomenal and worth the slightly stiffer ride to get better handling.
  9. We just purchased our 2020 Aviator reserve ll with perfect position seats. I am having a heck of a time getting them adjusted properly. We just got done driving 300 miles on a road trip and my back is hurting right where the seam is located between The upper and lower cushion. My wife had the same issue but not as bad as me. I have searched high and low, and nobody seems to say anything bad about these seats. Am I crazy? Any thoughts on how to adjust? I have gone every which way, and have not found the “perfect position”.