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  1. Good day to you I have a 2011 f150 that i found out after the fact that a tech could go into the computer and enable the DRL function for my headlights. With saying that they go to half brightness when I place the truck in drive. Then as light conditions change goes to full brightness as needed by the sensor. So my best answer for you would be a reduced current condition to the headlight. Hope that helps Bob
  2. puddlepirate1956

    Can we get a full service manual....

    Alldatadiy.com maybe a better option now a days, I have a subscription with them on my volvo S40 2007, a Nissan Rogue SL 2018 and my 2011 FX2 F150. Its quite well detailed and about I would say its 95 percent spot on from TSB's and recalls. Plan to check the website later this evening to add my new to me a 2014 FFTI in the darkside metallic. Hope that helps someone Pm me if you have some questions and I will try to help.
  3. puddlepirate1956

    Morimoto Elite HID installation

    Quick Question for you, i just purchased a 2014 FFTI with the ugly halogen lights. when you tested them did you have the engine running or was it off at the time? I have heard that people had issues with them shutting down when the engine started due to the setup and the canbus network and flickering. Did you have that or any flickering after startup? Thank you for your time and looks like a great job on the steps involved. Did you get your other half's car done? Bob M