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  1. coolerbythelake

    Are your fog lights aligned?

    Update: I took my Aviator down to my preferred dealer today down in Chicagoland where I ordered it from. They took a look and determined the passenger side fog light was at the correct height but the driver’s side was 4 inches lower than where it should be at. They adjusted it and they’re now perfectly level. The sun was out and, most importantly, pizza was consumed. All in all a pretty good day!
  2. coolerbythelake

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    Too true! The expression “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind with all seasons. I work in insurance and the amount of claims I see pour in this time of year that could be either completely avoided or substantially reduced in severity if people would only equip their car with winters would blow your mind...
  3. coolerbythelake

    22-inch wheels? good or bad?

    Have you ever considered getting a set of dedicated winter tires? All seasons are generally pretty bad in the snow. I have Pirelli Scorpion Winters (same size as the OEM 22s) on my Aviator and it’s a tank in the snow. I live in a semi-rural area in Wisconsin and it isn’t uncommon to have side streets that go some time without a plow. I grew up in Québec where it’s the law to have them but I really am surprised more people in the Northern US don’t run winters. The difference is astounding...
  4. coolerbythelake

    Are your fog lights aligned?

    It's interesting that you say that. I talked to one of the sales guys at the dealer last night (service of course was closed at that time) and he thought the same thing. If glare was a concern, wouldn't you think the headlights would be the greater concern versus the fog lights? My headlights are perfectly even. The Aviator on the lot we compared it to had the complete opposite of mine; its left fog light was raised above the right. I had a Nautilus and an X5 before my Aviator and both had perfectly level fog lights. There's also a 2021 Ram 1500 Limited in the household with perfectly level fog lights. I'm not the most mechanically inclined and could certainly be wrong on this of course. The dealer I took it to was a local dealer. My preferred dealer and the one I got it from is down in the Chicagoland area (I'm in Milwaukee). I figured I'd save myself a drive but did end up reaching out to them today to see what their thoughts were. I texted them the same pictures and my service advisor showed one of their techs who didn't like what he saw; said that doesn't look right and bring it in. I'm driving it down the end of next week so we'll see. I'll pick up some deep dish pizza to make it all worth my time 😉 Would still love to hear about your wife's Aviator if you wouldn't mind checking and reporting back at your convenience. I'll be sure to throw an update on here as well with what the dealer says. Maybe I'm just crazy but we'll find out!
  5. coolerbythelake

    Are your fog lights aligned?

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind checking your fog lights for me and/or letting me know your thoughts on this? I recently swapped my X5 for an Aviator Black Label which I love everything about. Last week in the garage I noticed that my fog lights are not level with each other; the right one is slightly higher. I brought this to a local dealer’s attention and they had a tech “fix” it for me today. Quotes there because it looks the same to me. On my service paperwork he wrote that the left fog light wasn’t sitting in the bumper correctly and that it looks level once he fixed it. It doesn’t; it looks exactly the same as when I brought it in. He also wrote that there’s no vertical adjusting these only horizontal. I asked if they could pull up another Aviator from on the lot to compare. Much to my surprise the lot Aviator had similarly misaligned fog lights albeit with the left one higher than the right in its case. Anyone notice this on yours? Not a crazy big deal and I’m not trying to nitpick - I can’t really even tell much of a difference when they’re on anyway - but just seems a bit odd on an $80k + vehicle. My actual headlights are perfect, fortunately. Pics attached.