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  1. rblazeiko

    Canadian orders

    Sorry. the way it came off was wrong. I meant that there would be no reason for ford to do that. There will be minimal orders compared to the the US so it really wouldn't help them to discount Canadian orders. I think he may have just answered his own situation though. Going to such a large dealer with so many vehicles on order creates a pretty big wait list for then. 27 Super Duties is a big order list. That was probably why an order from a smaller dealer may show up a bit faster. BTW. Thank you for all you do on here. I have gained a lot of knowledge without having to ask because there is so much here. Much appreciated!
  2. rblazeiko

    Canadian orders

    Thats fair. I do not know for sure and welcome any corrections. This was just things that I have picked up from here and there. I hope that anyone that reads this would would see that it is an uneducated opinion. It really doesn't make sense to blame Ford for prioritizing US orders when the Canadian market is already quite small compared to the whole US market.
  3. rblazeiko

    Canadian orders

    After re-reading your post, I called back in December a very large dealer group out of Alberta. They told me that they couldn't order any more for the 21 year and said orders were closed. When I phoned around, this wasn't the case. After learning about dealer allocation I found out that when this slump in sales and Covid hit, some dealers with a lot of capital were able to order a lot of units in as they saw a slump in production and a demand. I wonder if they used up allocations as the dealer doesn't have infinite ability to order vehicles. Otherwise the big dealers would just order them all and hose the smaller dealers. So, what I have seen is that a lot of huge dealers have used all their allocations but don't tell you. If they do that, blame Ford, or the market, or the border then the order will still roll over until they have an allocation or until the 22MY depending what happens first. I know that there were some delays and certain models or parts having struggles but I would ask them what is going on. Like my post above, a VIN should be generated if ford has it in the system. usually within a week of the order. If it is not scheduled then in the www.alumizilla.com/ site, it will just say processing. That is the way us canadians can tell if they are B.S.ing you. I really wish you luck.
  4. rblazeiko

    Canadian orders

    Depending on parts specific to your order.... They are lying to you. I ordered a 21 F350 Platinum Tremor 6.7 on January 7th. I received a VIN number on January 26th It was built on Feb 3rd It was shipped Feb 5th I am in Saskatchewan and I did NOT order from a large dealer. Maybe they didn't have an allocation or maybe they ordered it as a low priority code. You should be able to ask those questions and wonder why trucks are flowing to Canada easily and maybe they didn't disclose that they just didn't have an allocation for a build and didn't want to pass your deal on to someone else.
  5. Very cool. I saw all the shortages starting to work their way through all automakers but if ours are scheduled, they would have all the parts there. I doubt they would schedule a job and not be able to complete it. If one fastener was missing they would probably push the whole truck. Hopefully it's a good day at the plant and everyone is in a good mood tomorrow lol
  6. I have been curious for quite a while now. It does help that I have a truck going on the line any day now but what I really want to know is this, From start to finish, how long does a Super Duty truck stay on the production line? From when the build date starts to when it rolls out of the factory to the rail yards behind the plant. My build starts Feb 2, 2021 given nothing changes. knowing a bit more will help plan for me to have the work equipment ready when it arrives. I am expecting it right around the beginning of April.