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  1. I am seeing some news on a new redesign for the Ranger in 2022 are the rumors true? https://www.motor1.com/news/424683/2022-ford-ranger-rumors/ Any more news insiders have to share?
  2. Does anyone know which has the better overall ride quality? A Ranger Lariet or the Tremor? I get that the Tremor is more for offroad. But I wonder how it would perform on road in the HWY and in the city. Is it better smoother handling on the roads with all that beefed-up suspension or is it worse?
  3. Gwoj

    Build & Price Lagging

    THere are no 2020's left in my area.
  4. I'm just curious why they discontinued this Sabre color? I think it looks great! Was there a paint quality issue? Or was there not enough orders for it? Gary