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  1. krugger2

    2022MY Scheduling

    Try calling Ford marketing @ 800 334-4375 and ask if you have offers in your name, also request a brochure. Go to build and price and build a few. No magic formula, but sometimes something gets triggered.
  2. krugger2

    2022MY Scheduling

    I ordered on 4/09/2021 and I received a VIN and build date of July 21, I also enquired about a $2000 PCO that ford would not except because it did not include 2022 model years. Much to my happiness she checked and said that I have a $2000 PCO that included 2019,2020,2021, and 2022. She even gave me the Cert #. She didn't know if they added the 2022 to the original PCO or if it is a new issue, but they both expire on the same date, July 6, 2021. My guess is that they added the 2022 to the original PCO. So make sure to check the system to see if you have a valid PCO at the time of order.
  3. Cackalacky, so your 2021 build was about the same price as your 2022 build?
  4. What are you guys that are ordering the same build as the 2021 finding out for a price difference when ordering same for a 2022? I'm at 75k for a 2021 and my wife is not happy, she will be even more unhappy if it's 80k for a 2022.
  5. Is anyone receiving a PCO to be used for a 2022 SD? I would love to get one, but I would think that with the current situation, that it's unlikely.
  6. Hi, new poster here. I'm planning on ordering a new truck. What exactly happens on the 15th, when the ordering bank opens? And is the X Plan price about the deal to expect? When can we option out a build and see colors for 2022 F-350. Thanks.