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  1. powerboatr

    2022 f250 updates

    bet its a just a refresh of grill and maybe a fender or hood. they just made sheet metal updates what 3 years ago. but again....they may pull one on us and BAM its a totally new body
  2. powerboatr

    maybe a dumb question........but

    did a long trip to dealer this afternoon, 60 to 65 then slooooooow for road work. left the radio off so i could hear left the engine exhaust brake in "ON" and it did help noticeably slow the truck and i could hear the engine change tone and the muffled "new noise" from under hood didnt use the "auto" mode and i love the fact the ac, seat cooler, drive modes, etc save the settings so i dont have to re-select when i restart
  3. powerboatr

    front grill camera

    talked to my service folks this afternoon during a warranty issue repair. i can have the front camera put on that is part of the 360 camera system........and tell the brains to see it. but it is not cheap, and once i go down that road i might as well pay to put in the whole 360 protrailer system. so i think 5k is a bit steep, so next solution will be sought thanks all
  4. powerboatr

    front grill camera

    i think maybe i left something out, 92 views all my trucks before had many extra wires , and all of them were capped off, to prevent corrosion or water damage of said connector or wiring this camera connection fitting is un capped and looks like it should be plugged into something. so my thinking is if i acquire the the correct camera and install it with a new emblem with washer, will the head unit see it and pick it up or would it take ford to turn it on? i would like to have the eye ball up there as this beast hard to tell just how close i can get to the wall, i have a swim noodle now as the "STOP NOW" indicator
  5. on my new 2021 F250 with the 6.7 engine It has the exhaust brake and ECO modes I have a large rv with exhaust brake and you know when its engaged and can feel deceleration pretty well. when i select auto or On i have no idea if its engaging to slow the truck. does it only engage in conjunction with the service brakes or am i missing something? the ECO mode when selected, what does it do? the book is vague at best thanks
  6. powerboatr

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    for us its easy we had a 1992 4x4 super cab long bed, 2002 dually crew cab long bed 2006 dually crew cab long bed 2010 f150 crew cab short box 2013 f150 crew cab short box 2016 expedition EL took a few years off and now have a 2021 250 crew cab short box, we dont tow much but needed a big back seat for the dog bed will fit my highway tool box and leave room for "stuff" its still LONG barely fits under the 20 foot carport
  7. powerboatr

    front grill camera

    my truck did not come with the 36o camera system, but in the front grill hiding behind the big oval is a camera wire. is it possible to add the blue oval plate with the camera or will the system need a reboot at ford to recognize the front camera? thanks
  8. powerboatr

    What am I missing F350 vs F250 w/ HCTT?

    might help info my door sticker is gvwr of 10,000 lbs but loading data plate lists 5 seating capacity and combined weight of passengers and payload of 2205lbs.. which would indicate empty is 7700lbs give or take. i will weigh it later this week i have trailer package and 3.31 axle ELD 4x4 crew cab short box. Front axle GAWR is 5200lbs and Rear axle GAWR is 6340lbs not sure how a 30k gcvwr is achieved.
  9. powerboatr

    SuperDuty shortages

    in our neck of the woods just about every dealer within 100 miles are very low on super dutys (less than 10, most of those are XL or single cab models and xlts), the ram lots are experiencing similiar shortages. Ford and Ram make up an overwhelming number around here for 3/4 and 1 ton trucks, lots of farms and livestock to me moved around in fact our dealer would not honor x plan on our truck, but saw the light late saturday and found a way to sell at x plan plus 2k off . very few 450 or 250/350 upper ends models. KR and Platinum's mine was built march of this year and had just arrived the week previous. we had been looking for a few months to find the truck that fit our wants and needs.
  10. powerboatr

    new old guy or returning

    Been away from super duties for a bit. but happy we snarled up a new easter egg lariat on saturday. let the learning again begin