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  1. How does the truck ride when empty in the back with the 12,400 GVWR?
  2. Did you order or buy off the lot? What gear ratio did you go with and why? What GVWR package is on the truck. It looks like the rear end squats just a little, do you wish you had a higher GVWR or bags? Would you do anything different if you ordered today?
  3. If I read the same thing, I'm not sure I agree. It would definitely take some more convincing. Anyone else want to chime in on this?
  4. Positive about the SRW, but only with a long bed. My current truck pulls the trailer with no issues at all. It's a pleasure to drive and very predictable..
  5. thanks!...Yep, it showed as an option and it never crossed my mind it wasn't available. That pretty much answers one question.
  6. I'm looking for opinions on two new builds, regarding axle ratio and GVWR. Both trucks will be F350, SRW, CC, 4X4, diesel, long bed trucks. One will be driven empty around town or towing a 37' 5th wheel, weighing 18K. The other will be driven empty around town or towing bumper pull trailers, weighing 12K to 14k pounds. For the purpose of this discussion, lets assume the use is split 50/50. Both of my current trucks are 11,400 GVWR. I added bags to the truck pulling the 5th wheel and ideally I should add bags to the other truck. Neither one was bad, but didn't sit level. The truck with the bags rides really nice, so I am afraid to over spring the truck with a higher GVWR for around town driving. The truck I use for bumper pull is a 3.31 axle and I hate it. I tend to downshift to 5th around town, even when I am not towing. The truck used with the 5th wheel is a a 3.55 and I like it a lot better. I was planning to order a 3.55 on both new trucks, but I read in another post, that a 3.55 and a 3.73 are so close that there is not reason not to go with the 3.73. So that got me thinking, should both trucks be 3.73 or is that to much gear when I'm not towing.
  7. Robin Hood

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    I don't disagree at all. I haven't had any trouble selling a long bed and I seem to be seeing, more and more new ones on the road for personal use.
  8. Robin Hood

    SuperDuty shortages

    So it is light, but not really that bad?
  9. Robin Hood

    SuperDuty shortages

    What would be a "normal days supply"?
  10. Robin Hood

    SuperDuty shortages

    I asked the question in another thread (possibly the wrong thread for the discussion) about a shortage in the SuperDuty lineup and if there is a potential for the 2022 ordered between now and end of July to possibly not be delivered this year. I want to expand on the conversation and get more input, but I don't want to derail the other thread so I am starting a new one. What is the typical peak selling season for SuperDuties in the Southwest region? Is the peak season the same throughout the country or does if very by region? If this trend continues, will the dealerships be out of inventory before the 2022 trucks ship?
  11. Robin Hood

    Super Duty Long Box vs Short

    I drove short beds for twenty years. I switched to long beds, five plus years ago and won't go back. The trucks are so much more versatile. For me, there is just so much more I can do with a long bed. I joke that short beds are "grocery getters"😂, people worried about parking. I think long beds are becoming more popular and when selling there isn't any competition. Parking isn't an issue for me, because I don't like door dings so we park all our vehicals far out...besides a little exercise is good for you.
  12. Thanks! Do you think there is any chance that trucks ordered this summer won't deliver by year end?
  13. It seems there is a shortage of Super Duties at this time. I have heard it is a shortage of electronics, but I don't know if this is true or not. In another thread, I read that they were running 3 shifts a day, so I'm not sure if it is a supply issue or demand side pressure. If it is a supply issue, is it anticipated that the supply chain will be caught up and there will be enough supply to fill the dealer lots again by year end?