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  1. Robin Hood

    My notes on adaptive cruise

    I only like it if I am following someone. Using it on the freeway it is not intuitive with my driving and passing style. It slows me down before I am ready to pull out and pass.
  2. Robin Hood

    Lane-Keeping Alert

    I had it turned off on my 17 lariat. Didn't care for it at all. I don't know if the new lariat has it or not.🤷‍♀️
  3. Robin Hood

    Latest hold up?

    There is a thread on PCO's. Lot's of guys have stated having them applied to the order before the truck was delivered. What does you fine print say? It use to say something like ordered or purchased.
  4. Robin Hood

    Latest hold up?

    Unless something has changed, your dealer should be able to apply your PCO to your order now.
  5. Robin Hood

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    Get the LED's! If you are buying a SD to tow with, hopefully you don't need trailer assist...what is this world coming to?
  6. Robin Hood

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    I have a 2022 with LED's and one without. The one without will rarely get driven at night so I didn't see the need. I was working late the other night and for the first time drove the truck with halogen lights at night. I will say that there is a huge difference! I almost regretted not getting the LED's for this truck, but reminded myself that it will rarely see night time driving. I think it really depends on the type of roads you drive and how much time you will spend driving at night.
  7. Trucks ride better with factory 18's and look better with factory 20's. If you go aftermarket with a lift kit, they recommend 17s or 18s for the ride quality. I like to run the factory 20s with the Michelin tires and buy takeoffs to replace them.
  8. The list is to long...my truck chimes all the time. The worst was the baby in the back notification when I picked up the truck. Stupidest thing ever, but I was able to turn that off on the dash. There are many others that are annoying and maybe at some point I will try to have them addressed.
  9. I already broke the window on my 22 SD. When I was on the phone with Safelite they said they couldn't calibrate the safety systems on a lifted or leveled truck. Mine is stock at the moment, but I am considering a level/lift kit that will make it the same height as a leveled 2017-2019 truck. Has anyone heard of this or had an issue getting a windshield replaced on a Lariat or higher trim that has the collision, automatic braking or lane keeping alerts.
  10. Robin Hood

    First Oil Change.....2022 6.7 Diesel

    If you are in the desert, there is nothing wrong with using 15w 40
  11. Robin Hood

    Maintenance Plan for F350D

    My dealer said the same thing. Flood was below their cost and he claimed they all pay the same. They wanted a minimum $500 over cost.
  12. Robin Hood


    If you read thru the previous post I believe there was suggested ways and even a link to the "steps to take".
  13. Robin Hood

    Disaster Prevention Kits

    A quick search doesn't bring up anything. Anyone have a link. How does it work and how much does it cost?
  14. Robin Hood

    Running boards, nerf bars

    I just took the running boards off my 2019 and put them on my 22 with no issues at all.
  15. Robin Hood


    I must admit, I am a little jealous. That is the highest one I have seen. They should be able to apply it to your deal now.