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    Looking for Available SD

    I have a loaded lariat or a trimmed down lariat that I might be willing to sell and reorder one if it makes sense for both of us. Both are 2022's with just less than 5000 miles on them. Since I have two I can be without one for a short period of time. DM me. I am in AZ 2022's F350 6.7 Lariat, 4X4 CC LB....
  2. There are some pretty strong opinions in the other thread regarding the question I posed regarding the 7.3 L gas motor. We'll move the discussion here so I don't derail the other thread. My comment/question was "I am surprised to see so many people select the 7.3 L option. I assume cost plays a factor, but what are the other reasons. Personally, I couldn't imagine buying a Super Duty without a Diesel motor. Am I out of touch with today's technology? I just don't see how a gas motor with 1/2 the torque can compare when under load.
  3. Robin Hood

    7.3 liter Gas option verse 6.7 liter PSD

    Does the 7.3 longbed not have the 48 gallon tank like the 6.7?
  4. Robin Hood

    TPMS/Camera/yaw sensor install

    camera on my lariat is crystal clear unless it is a low light condition.
  5. Robin Hood

    17-19 vs 20-22 Interior

    My Weather Tech mats from my 17 and 19 fit in the 22 with no issues. The rear mat depends on whether you have the storage option under the seat. I tried to remove the storage option in one of the trucks but there is holes in the carpet and studs spot welded to the floor to hold it in place.
  6. I can't imagine how big the carbon footprint is from the emissions system and cost to maintain🤣...not to mention the reduced fuel mileage.
  7. Sure, but a diesels used to go 500K and I could let it idle all day long with none of the emissions crap.
  8. My wife's explorer had a steering rack go out over the 3 years, but under the 36K milage. It was quoted at $1600 to repair it. I got Ford to cover it, but it took a month to get it approved and get it done. If I had had the warranty it would have been a non-issue. I never considered the warranty for her car. Now the transaxle side shaft seal is weeping at 50K miles. She is easy on t he car, they just don't build stuff like they used to. On a diesel truck the cab has to come off for any major engine work and the emissions is no joke and can cost a small fortune. Then there is the electronics, labor cost going up, and commodity prices increasing. Again, I am not a big fan of warranties, but at $3K for 125K miles and 8 years I think it is worth it.
  9. I never buy warranties and don't even insure all my trailers since they are covered for liability attached to the vehicle. However, this time I bought warranties for both of my 22 diesels. Just under $3K for 8yr/125K miles premium care, on an $80K truck seemed pretty reasonable to me. Besides, Ford gave me a $2500 PCO on both trucks, so why not give back a little and get some piece of mind.
  10. Maybe his cost included his commission🤣
  11. Robin Hood

    Honesty Hour: The Tremor Package

    A SRW will still need airbags if you are hauling any significant load with tongue weight, unless you don't care if the sits nose high.
  12. Search on-line to get the best price. My dealer wouldn't touch the offer I got on-line. He said it was below his cost🤷‍♂️. Not sure I believe that, but he also said he needed to make $500 minimum to sell one. I bought two trucks from him at X-Prcing and offered to buy both warranties from him.
  13. The base rental coverage is a dollar amount, not a specific vehicle. I don't think it is even enough to get a rental now days. If you want a higher dollar amount allowance and same day rental you have to pay more.
  14. Robin Hood

    2022 SD Engine brake

    It is on the dash above the screen. Try both auto and manual. I use both depending on the conditions and if I am towing or not. It is one of the best features on the truck IMO.
  15. Yes, personal preference for sure. You seem to be a big fan of it. I am glad I have it for specific occasions, but I rarely use it.
  16. I've noticed some of that as well. I almost didn't order it on the 22, but I do like it on two lane highways when I am following another vehicle or someone that I am ok with their speed. Using it on the freeway creates more issues than it solves IMO.
  17. Robin Hood

    I'm gonna get a new truck every year.

    I don't know about FL, but in AZ selling private party is easy.
  18. Robin Hood

    7.3 liter Gas option verse 6.7 liter PSD

    It is more of an issue on my 22 with the 10 speed and 3.55, then my 17 with 6 -speed and 3.55 or my 19 with a 6-speed and 3.31. It took a little getting used to. I doubt you will have an issue with a dually.
  19. Robin Hood

    My notes on adaptive cruise

    I only like it if I am following someone. Using it on the freeway it is not intuitive with my driving and passing style. It slows me down before I am ready to pull out and pass.
  20. Robin Hood

    Lane-Keeping Alert

    I had it turned off on my 17 lariat. Didn't care for it at all. I don't know if the new lariat has it or not.🤷‍♀️
  21. Robin Hood

    Latest hold up?

    There is a thread on PCO's. Lot's of guys have stated having them applied to the order before the truck was delivered. What does you fine print say? It use to say something like ordered or purchased.
  22. Robin Hood

    Latest hold up?

    Unless something has changed, your dealer should be able to apply your PCO to your order now.
  23. Robin Hood

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    Get the LED's! If you are buying a SD to tow with, hopefully you don't need trailer assist...what is this world coming to?
  24. Robin Hood

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    I have a 2022 with LED's and one without. The one without will rarely get driven at night so I didn't see the need. I was working late the other night and for the first time drove the truck with halogen lights at night. I will say that there is a huge difference! I almost regretted not getting the LED's for this truck, but reminded myself that it will rarely see night time driving. I think it really depends on the type of roads you drive and how much time you will spend driving at night.
  25. Trucks ride better with factory 18's and look better with factory 20's. If you go aftermarket with a lift kit, they recommend 17s or 18s for the ride quality. I like to run the factory 20s with the Michelin tires and buy takeoffs to replace them.