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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. CedarCreek

    My First Car ‘61 Falcon

    Mine was a 63 and a half Sprint Convertible, 3 speed in the floor. How I was I still had that car
  2. CedarCreek

    Trailer Disconnected Message

    I installed the EOH module, then when I hooked to the 5th wheel to have new tires installed, no brakes at all....the actuator/pump would work.......called the company who installed the disc brakes and did their trouble shooting suggestions, and they said a bad solenoid in the pump and sent a replacement. I took the 5th wheel and truck to a nearby shop whio builds trailers to have them change it out....long story short, voltage leaving the truck, still wouldnt work, they brought out their tester and the actuator/pump worked like it should. They installed a Dexter magnet, un hooked the EOH module, and the only way the actuator/pump would work off the truck was to switch it back to electric brakes. Took the truck to the dealer, and they said it showed codes, on the brake system, cleared them and re programmed it...btw, the first recall I got on the truck was for the trailer braking system. I havent changed it to elec or hyd and tried it yet....BUT just wondering if plugging in the camper while the truck was running could have caused the error codes from a arc or something.
  3. CedarCreek

    Disable Seat Belt Dinger on 2023 SD

    This worked for my 2022 F350 https://itstillruns.com/disable-belt-alarm-f350-ford-7343506.html
  4. Check with this guy he may be able to custom build you what you need https://nicholsmanufacturingandweldingservices.com/
  5. 2022 F350, I had disc brakes installed on the 5th wheel, now about 2 seconds after taking my foot off the brake pedal, the trailer disconnected message pops up on the the instrument cluster. Trailer isnt disconnected as lights, turn signals and brakes still work. The settings in the truck for the trailer are set to reflect electric over hydraulic....so kinda stumped on what it could be.
  6. CedarCreek

    Powered Running Boards

    Because in my opinion from the side the truck looks pretty plain with them in. Besides you should have the option to keep them out, or in automatic mode.
  7. Is it possible to keep the running boards in the out position all the time on a 2022 F350? I go into settings and set it to out, but have to go thru the process every time I shut off the engine then re start it. Saw on line if you unplug the fuse it throws the wrench symbol to the dash
  8. CedarCreek

    Cool useful aftermarket accessories for your SD's?

    will try to find a light to go under the hood since the 2022 F350 Platinum I took delivery of Monday doesnt have one!
  9. CedarCreek

    2022 F350 Platinum

    Today I ordered a 2022 F350 Platinum, and was surprised that you get two color options for seats...In addition to black, the Dark Marsala is now offered. I think that will look pretty good with the star white exterior color. I was leaning towards the Limited, but just don't care for the moon roofs.