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    Production Week Scheduling Information

    @ice-capades Thank you for these scheduling notes. I'm curious if the "plant specific content" posted within the side bar of the scheduling notes means that items listed under that plant are not being selected for scheduling that week, or if its just listing items that are only being produced within said plant? For example does this mean within the Dearborn plant the Tremor series are not being selected for scheduling? Thanks in advance!
  2. Got it, will do. I put in a f150 tremor order that was put in on 6/18. I'll give it a few more weeks before I start hitting up the dealer for update
  3. @gobluejd oh dang there's a number at Ford Performance that we can call with dealer order info and ask to check for a VIN? Is it their main number? Also grats on the good news
  4. MadeInChina

    Ordered my F150 Tremor today!

    I believe the 4.1 notation for the Torsen front diff. refers to the torsen bias ratio on the diff and not the gearing. Tremors should come with 3.73 gearing front and back. I know the build summary says a 4.1 axle, but I believe this to be an error. Source: spoke with torsen about the diff they shipped to ford for the tremor vs raptor (they're the same unit btw).