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  1. I love what Rivian is doing with the modular components. They’re going to really appeal to a lot of weekend outdoor enthusiasts. The camp kitchen module was brilliantly done.
  2. BrickHouse

    Chip update

    The only possible logical reason would be to get trucks sitting on dealer lots instead of the speedway. Gives something for buyers to at least look at and helps bring bodies in the door.
  3. The Explorer didn’t have enough cargo space and I really wanted that ecoboost (up-tuned on the Platinum). Couldn’t be happier. Thing is a rocket!
  4. BrickHouse

    Dash cam

    Awesome, thanks for the help!
  5. BrickHouse

    Dash cam

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Any you’ve used?
  6. BrickHouse

    Dash cam

    Any recommendations for a good dash cam that won’t break the bank?
  7. BrickHouse

    My new 2021 lithium gray

    That’s a great looking rig! Congrats!
  8. BrickHouse

    2 door maverick

    Modern day El Camino! Looks awesome!
  9. BrickHouse

    Seat back entertainment in Super Duty

    Nah man, I want to listen with them! Most the shit they watch is hilarious!
  10. BrickHouse

    New to the crew

  11. BrickHouse

    New to the crew

    Oh man, I’m jealous! That new bronco looks incredible! I’ve been trying to convince my wife to trade in her 2019 Expedition for a 4-door Bronco but she won’t bite yet.
  12. BrickHouse

    New to the crew

    Thanks! I love it. It’s the Lead Foot Gray that they had for the 2018’s. Kind of a shiny primer. Looks totally different in shade vs sun.
  13. BrickHouse

    The Bronco Has Landed

    That’s a gorgeous rig! Congratulations!
  14. Yes, I tow and this is a workhorse truck, but I also usually have kids in the back seat and a little dvd action can help shut them up quickly! Should be standard on Platinum and Limited.
  15. BrickHouse

    New to the crew

    Hey from the PNW. Currently drive an F150 with the coyote And just ordered my 2022 F350 with the 6.7. Towing a bumper pull camp trailer about every other weekend. Looking forward to the diesel world with the new rig.