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  1. jeffhunta

    Tonneau cover

    Does anyone have experience with https://www.truckcoversusa.com/ ?
  2. jeffhunta

    Adaptive Steering - Is it worthwhile......

    Just removed it from my order. Hoping it helps!
  3. jeffhunta

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Anyone in build status have adaptive steering? Thinking about dropping this option to get my order processed faster. My order was confirmed on 3/26 and still no updates.
  4. jeffhunta

    Adaptive Steering - Is it worthwhile......

    Is this option really slowing down orders?
  5. jeffhunta

    Bring back the Exscursion with 7.3L

    An Excursion with 7.3L and lots of payload is on my wish list too. Would drop my Super Duty in a heartbeat for that!
  6. jeffhunta

    7.3 liter Gas option verse 6.7 liter PSD

    I mean, how could not go with an engine code named Godzilla!
  7. jeffhunta

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Does the Priority number have any weight or meaning these days with the chip shortage and other commodity issues I've been reading about? My 2022 F-250 Lariat Ultimate order was confirmed via email on 3/26/2021. Today, the GM at my dealership wasn't able to give me any information on my order other than that their Ford rep upped my priority from 10 to 1. Then I received another email from Ford saying that my order is confirmed. This chip shortage has sure made things interesting!