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  1. TruckGirl

    Where are the Window Stickers?

    I just checked and mine is visible. Yay! Hopefully the mysterious issue is fixed. Now to wait to see if these trucks have chips, or if they are going to be stored offsite. I wish someone at the mothership would let us know instead of making us wait lol.
  2. TruckGirl

    Where are the Window Stickers?

    Right!! Lol. Mine is a replacement under the lemon law through the RAV dept. My 19 F350 6.7 has been completely inoperable sitting at dealership since March. They made me return the rental in April, and I’m still 100% responsible for all costs to insure the truck etc. Been a nightmare to say the least, and I can’t figure out why they want to charge me for a window sticker!!!
  3. TruckGirl

    Where are the Window Stickers?

    I called marketing again, as my dealership says they can’t find window sticker. Yesterday marketing had it but said they can’t email. Today I was told by 2 reps in marketing that I would need to purchase it for $49.95 in order to get it.
  4. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I have a 19’ F350 6.7. Unfortunately, it’s been declared a lemon after numerous problems that started within 3 months of owning it. It has been towed 2 times since March to the dealership, had it 4 days and the entire month of March, and there she has sat since then. Got through the initial buyback process after 3 attempts…talk about lessons in patience! Dealer put in order for replacement 22 F350 Lariat early May. Buyback/RAV department somehow hooked me up with priority code 2 and truck was allegedly built yesterday. Marketing can see the window sticker, said they don’t have email to send. Sales manager claims he can’t see it, of course the link on the online tracking doesn’t show it either. Just checked this morning on the tracking and now there’s an estimated arrival date of 8/10. Fingers crossed as it sucks not having a working truck while continuing to pay insurance etc, and I really need it to be able to move my trailers lol. Here’s to being cautiously optimistic the truck has a chip and the 8/10 date isn’t the date it will arrive to a storage lot!! Anyone else see an estimated date at dealership? My dealership SM has been less than helpful and pretty clueless.