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  1. TruckGirl

    22 F350 door jams

    Hi all! I got my truck a few weeks ago. Love the slight changes. Been super busy, or would have posted pics. Now she is dirty, and not picture ready. I noticed something odd today when I opened the back doors. Around the frame on the bottom on both sides is a piece of white hard plastic with an arrow and part of a company/ product name, visible only when the doors are open. I don’t recall my 19 F350 having this- I’m sure Id remember 2 large very hard plastic/acrylic pieces that are bright white on an all black truck. I’m honestly not sure if it was like this when I got it, or if something fell off…only opened the back doors a handful of times. Ford is telling me this is how the truck should be. Can anyone confirm? It’s an F350 Lariat 6.7 black package if that matters. I’ve tried adding a pic, but it won’t upload.
  2. TruckGirl

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Thanks. Me too. At least it’s making a pretty lot ornament for the next several weeks bahaha.
  3. TruckGirl

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Mine arrived at dealership yesterday. The original ETA, which had been changed multiple times. Marketing even said it had no chip. Sadly, I cannot get it for weeks or months, as it’s a replacement through the buyback program and the rep handling my case since April has done nothing, even after having all info from me and dealership. If you look in the reflection, it’s my 19F350 that’s been sitting there dead. I’m thankful this one exists, but by golly I really want to loose it on the company Ford outsourced their buybacks through.
  4. TruckGirl

    Protracted ETA's

    Mine was completed 7/27. ETA changed multiple times. 8/6 then 8/9 then multiple days in September. Delivery to Northern Indiana, so not far at all. Finally shipped yesterday. Convoy. ETA now shows 9/5. I’m sure there is a some sort of reason behind it, but to plain ole me it seems extremely absurd that logistics keeps changing the ETA, and that the truck sat 2 weeks before getting picked up, and was picked up past the first ETA date. Not patiently, patiently waiting. Sadly, I’m 3 hours south now (travel nurse), and have to pay to ship the truck to me once it arrives to the dealership, which who knows how long that will take lol. All because I hoped the info shared with me after production was accurate. First world problems haha.
  5. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I don’t know why good customer service is virtually non existent now. It took me over a week to get them to email me my build sheet with order number etc. It’s a fight getting any updates. Mine is a replacement for my 19 F350 that’s been sitting dead as a lot ornament on the front side of dealership since March. I would think they would be a bit better with updates, or at least checking in saying no new info available. Have you gotten your correct order number and called marketing? Honestly, calling them has been the most reliable source of info for me, as the sales manager returns calls whenever he feels like it, and I can’t just walk in as they are 3 hours away.
  6. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Feel your pain. Mine went from 8/9 to 8/6 to mid September. Marketing says my truck that was completed on 7/27 has no chip. Dealership says they don’t know. Their corporate rep said my vin doesn’t even show on any of their reports.
  7. TruckGirl


    My 19 F350 6.7 had been in the shop since March (now deemed a lemon) and I had a couple during that time. Only knew about them because dealers I visited in the past called soliciting sales and told me I had them. Not the dealership where truck has been since March. Sadly can’t use on my repurchase since it’s under lemon law…wish they could be gifted to someone lol.
  8. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Nice! Will be awaiting photo once you get it!
  9. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Mine is only going to Indiana. That sucks for people waiting on their vehicles. My dealership claims “we don’t know anything about where yours is, and can’t find out anything. We call our rep and are in phone with him daily about dozens of orders, but he doesn’t know anything. We just wish the 21 F150 ordered in Feb would show up. Yours will probably be here by end of the year”. Not the way you should talk to a customer, a repeat customer at that.
  10. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    That would be my luck! My window sticker however shows convoy. It just sucks that the dealership is awful and marketing has limited info they can give me. I know I read people’s dates getting pushed back before trucks were built, but have not seen anyone say it was pushed back after built and days showing under shipped. I’ll have to search the train wreck. If my states lemon laws didn’t favor replacement over buyback outright I’d have just taken the money and found something else.
  11. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Well, not good update today. My truck was completed on 7/27. Showed awaiting shipping then 6 days under shipped tab. ETA to dealer went from 8/10 to 8/9. Now today it changed to mid September. If my 19 F350 hadn’t been sitting at dealership DOA since March, with me still financially responsible for it, I’d have a bit more patience. And the dealership is less than forthcoming with communication and trying to get updates from their reps. I literally want to angry cry. Bad enough the first ford is a lemon, but going past 5 months to get a replacement is beyond frustrating when I travel for work and live in a fifth wheel and need a truck to move it. Anyone else seeing their dates bumped back significantly after truck shows as built? Surely it’s not delayed over a month to get transported to Indiana…
  12. TruckGirl

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Great idea!!
  13. TruckGirl

    Backing out of order?

    You’d think they’d be thrilled to have something that will sell likely within the first day they have it.
  14. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    How are you finding out where it’s at along the way?
  15. TruckGirl

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    At the top it says built awaiting shipping, then under shipped the 6 days showed this morning. Is yours rail or convoy?