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  1. Hello, going to pick up my ‘22 F-350 Platinum tomorrow. I ordered the customer placed camera, and my question is. Does the dealer have to wire the truck so there is a plug at the rear of truck near trailer 7 pin connector. I know I have to wire the trailer but was unsure if I also have to wire the truck. Thanks for your help.
  2. DecodanMcQ

    Auxiliary Tank

    I have a gravity feed 41 gallon in the bed of my ‘16 F-250, 6.7. Truck only has 28 gallon tank so this worked very well for me. In fact I will be moving the tank to my ‘22 F-350 CCLB 6.7. Dealer didn’t care if I take tank before trading. This new truck comes with 48 gallon tank so I will be at 90 gallons total. Now, all that said. I originally set it up as gravity feed through the fill neck. However it would overflow the stock tank. So I added a 12 volt inline fuel pump to the gravity feed line and also put a ball valve cut off that I could reach via rear wheel well. I leave the ball valve off most of the time and just use the stock tank. Then when I am going on a trip I open the valve. When I get to 1/4 tank on gauge I use upfitter switch to turn on fuel pump and let it run 15 minutes or so. You do have to be careful not to forget and force overfill stock tank. And remember to turn ball valve off when parking for night. Also, the auxiliary tank fits under the hard tonneau.
  3. The truck on dealer website is my truck. The vin is listed and it is my vin.
  4. My F-350 that was ordered May 7th and is due to be built on August 13th. It went into production on August 5th and window sticker has been released. Today I noticed the truck is on the dealers website and appears like all other vehicles, like it is for sale. I will be calling them first thing in the morning, should I be concerned or is this normal to happen. Thanks for any insight.
  5. DecodanMcQ

    F350 Clearance Lights - Delete?

    I ordered a F-350 SRW Platinum CCLB, 6.7 without cab lights or moonroof. Ordered on May 7th and it is scheduled to be built this Friday, August 13th.
  6. DecodanMcQ

    2022 orders and scheduling

    I ordered a F-350 Platinum CCLB, 6.7, 3.55 in Antimatter Blue with Dark Marsala interior back on May 7th. I got confirmation and the a build week of Aug. 2 in mid June. Then crickets, then changed to Aug. 9 build week. Then build day of Aug. 11 but still just in order processing. Wednesday I texted the salesman and asked him to run VVR. He texted Thursday morning and said scheduled to build on Friday August 13th. Then all of a sudden it showed “in Production” Thursday evening and the window sticker became available. I just wonder if this activity could have nudged it along. By the way, no adaptive steering, no moon roof and no cab lights all along.
  7. DecodanMcQ

    Backing out of order?

    Another tax issue for me in Missouri is whether I trade or sell outright. The dealer offered 50k for my ‘16 F-250 when I ordered the ‘22 F-350. They said the value would be evaluated every 90 days. So if trade value goes down I can sell outright to get more money for the ‘16. BUT, I have to figure the tax penalty for not trading. The trade value comes off the cost of new vehicle and then sales tax is figured. So if I sell to private party a 50k trade value has to sell for 53k to break even. So lots to consider before making that final decision to trade or sell.
  8. DecodanMcQ

    Tonneau cover

    On my ‘16 F-250 I got a LineX hard folding tonneau installed when I had the bed sprayed by LineX. I plan to repeat this on MY 22 F-350 Platinum when it arrives. Really good product and it matches the bed liner.
  9. DecodanMcQ

    Antimatter Blue

    I ordered an F-350 Platinum in Antimatter Blue because I could no longer get Gem Green Effect which did the same thing just with green shade. The only way to get the green was fleet orders. I am hoping I end up loving it (Antimatter) as much as I do my ‘16 F-250 and the 1063 Comet I painted that color (Gem Green) too.
  10. Hello, Thanks for adding me. Have owned several Ford products over the years, at this time I have 1963 Mercury Comet resto-mod and a ‘16 F-250 6.7, CCSB. Both of those are Gem Green Effect color. I will be trading in the F-250 on a MY 22 F-350 Platinum. Could not get Gem Green so settled for Antimatter Blue. Ordered May 7 and still in order processing with a build week of August 9. Just hoping to get it by October. Hoping to get some insight from here on my order at times.