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  1. Beautiful rig! I have the exact same truck. The blue one was intended to be the work truck but I use both for work now and mainly tow with the black one.
  2. Beautiful rig! I have the exact same truck.
  3. Selling the factory rims is incredibly easy. I sold the black rims with the tires for $3200. They sold within 15 minutes of posting them.
  4. Looks good! I opted with the Tremor Air Dam and some fender flares to avoid paint destruction. I had them do the paint protection prior to delivery, 3M paint protection in every front facing piece and had it under coated 2 times. I drive it off-road a lot and haven’t had a scratch or paint ding yet. Your truck is sexy so I’m just relaying what I did in order to avoid having a black truck look like a cat scratch pad in a month. I put the 295/60R20’s on it to keep those chunky mud tires from tossing rocks at my paint job as they don’t stick out as far however still give the effect of the awesome wide ride. The rims are 10” wide. I replaced the front steering shock with a BDS dual set up to avoid any death wobble associated with fords when you install larger wheels and skins. The front end got a 2.5” ready lift leveling kit which includes the relocation bracket to keep angles factory spec. I installed a rear helper spring in order to avoid the Alabama slam when towing my toys. I considered air bags but have had nothing but problems with them in the past and I must say, I’m a huge fan of the helper springs!! sexy truck man!!
  5. Yes. Have a look behind the air dam on your truck and you will see 2 x 3” wide metal plates that hang down. They are designed to keep your man wagon from riding over the silly little Prius type cars when they cross into your lane of traffic when the teenager driving the Prius is busy text messaging his friend about his new nail polish and belly button ring.
  6. Sounds like a thing for California driving sort of like the silly auto drop running boards that stop working when they are muddy or cold. The best things are solid and don’t move when driving over a Prius.
  7. Call your local ford dealer and tell them you want the Tremor air dam. No part number required as Ford pays people to worry about the small stuff. While you’re at it, remove the Prius catchers as well. They look stupid once you remove the huge oem dam.
  8. It’s a $150 replacement and it takes about 15 minutes to do. I removed the massive air dam from my FX4 and installed the tremor one. I did lift my truck though.
  9. I do like the larger screen however I think I’m partial to how dodge has their’s set up and down. The large screen is awesome but if I could have the choice, I’d choose up and down. The sideways large screen is almost too much. Dodge’s looks more refined. I am a Ford guy 500%! I just wish we could choose screen orientation in our orders. I’d choose up and down over side by side.
  10. 5 Star kick backs for mid flaps - 13” wide. Black on Black.
  11. I think it’s a waste of money. Get something useful like a larger after market fuel tank or a box cover. The sensors fail and leave you driving with a crooked steering wheel. Stay awake and drive your beautiful truck!!!!
  12. How is that Tesla model 3 in the soft sand and mud pulling a 38’ toy hauler loaded with toys, water and beer?
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