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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. blackboost

    2024 Edge information known yet?

    I see you can build a Nautilus now.
  2. blackboost

    2024 Edge information known yet?

    I will keep a look out.
  3. blackboost

    2022 Ford Edge Titanium Elite issues

    My 2021 Edge ST has the same issue where it blinks really fast for about 3-4 times, and then is normal, but does NOT do this all the time. I can't say I have noticed any other issues with the electronics. I would like to know the answers as well.
  4. blackboost

    2024 Edge information known yet?

    I saw online that the order bank for the 2024 Edge is shown as May 15. I figured more information would be leaked out by now about the US version, far as changes we might or might not see.
  5. blackboost

    2021 ford edge computer problems

    Our 21 Edge ST had an software update done via the internet. We have not had any prior screen issues, but everything seems to work as it should. The update mentioned rear camera issues, so it might be worth a try.
  6. blackboost

    2022 Edge seats

    Our 21 Edge ST has some pretty large bolsters to keep you in the seat. I would like it better if they were not there. I just wish I could get the 2.7L engine in the Limited series.......
  7. blackboost

    Jesus Loves You

    That's great, but kinda sad that dealer didn't just do it for you up front, and let them wait for the money to be reimbursed.
  8. blackboost

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Here is mine, and it is a little dusty..... 7.3L, 3.55 locking axle, long box. I really like the ride over my 2011, and is much quieter.
  9. blackboost

    Fordpass Rewards Points

    I had something very similar happen to me. I purchased an Edge in October, and the sales woman or I could not get the app to work at that time. I kinda forgot about it until my F250 showed up in April, and I signed up and received the 42k points. I tried to get my reward points from my Edge, and I have not been able to get them, apparently since it was not done within 60 days. I feel kinda of ripped off over the situation.
  10. blackboost

    Price Protection

    True. My dealer took it off up front.
  11. blackboost

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Mine was 155 miles from the Denver rail head. Unloaded at rail head 4/5/22 Arrived at the dealership 4/9/22, and it had an estimated dates of 4/7 to 4/13 I would think yours should be arriving pretty quick, hopefully!
  12. blackboost

    Rose Lake, IL Rail Yard

    My pickup was delivered within the estimated time frame Ford had emailed me. I hope this holds true for the rest waiting!
  13. blackboost

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My pickup arrived at the dealer today! I thought I would show the timeline for others still waiting. F250 Lariat 4X4 7.3L gas CCLB. It does have the spray in bedliner, 5th wheel prep pkg, wheel well liners, mud flaps, and power running boards. Ordered 10/22/21 Built 3/25/22 Shipped 3/26/22, with estimated delivery dates of 4/7 to 4/13 Unloaded at rail head 4/5/22 Arrived at the dealership 4/9/22 Picked up at the dealership 4/12/22 Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  14. blackboost

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My bad........I am happy for RoncoSD, and sad for you and I both. Mine is sitting near a rail yard too. Update 4/9: My pickup arrived at my dealer today, out of the blue!