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  1. I’ll preface this post by saying I am admittedly ignorant about wheels/tires as I have never used anything other than stock on any of my previous vehicles. Also, I am not interested in any lifts or suspension modifications or trimming. I have a 2022 f250 tremor package on order. I’m looking to get rims to get a more aggressive stance with offset roughly even with fenders or 1” out at most. Am I pretty much limited to 18” rims and 35”s for tires? Or are there rim/tire combinations for 37s that will fit with no timing/rubbing and that a standard tire store will be willing to mount? Are 20” rims an option at all without a lift? Finally, if limited to 35s, as long as the tires are “beefier” will they appear to fill the wheel well better with appropriate offset? sorry for my lack of understanding if these are basic concepts. I have read a lot through the forum, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting views.
  2. Edunn37

    2022 F250

    Thank you.
  3. Edunn37

    Wondering if 21's will have incentives

    I thought that as of early august there were still several thousand at Kentucky Speedway. However, I don’t know how many or how fast they are moving out. Crazy times.
  4. Edunn37

    Tonneau cover

    I will do that. Thank you
  5. I would like to check vehicle status for: Order Code: E101 Sales Code: F47001 Thank you, sir.
  6. Edunn37

    2022 Bed Rug

    It seems like I remember seeing on another forum that the height of the liner+bed mat interferes with the feet of the oem bed extender when using it within the bed for cargo management with the tailgate up.
  7. Edunn37

    2022 Bed Rug

    Interesting. I had a spray in bed liner in the past, but it was a killer on the knees to crawl around in. My incoming truck will have spray in plus a bed mat; however, I think that will prevent me from using the oem bed extender. I may have to just get one that flips like the amp. I don't need a bed extender, but it seems like the best option to keep things secure near the tailgate.
  8. Edunn37

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    Esthetically, I'm not a fan of this design. We have a 2019 Sequoia and love it, so it's nothing against Toyota per se. I really do not like the looks of the trapezoidal shape of the fender area. This is the same reason I do not like the looks of GM trucks. Hopefully, Ford does not move toward that design in the 2023 SDs.
  9. Edunn37

    Hello from the Buckeye State

    I have been perusing the forum for a few months so far and finally decided to join today. There is a lot of good information/discussion to be seen here. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. I currently have an F250 Platinum Tremor package on order since July 21. Super excited and looking forward to delivery...and waiting of course.
  10. Edunn37

    Standard vs. Quad Beam LED Headlights

    I think it's money well spent. Once you drive one with the leds, the standard make you wonder if your lights are really on. Definitely get the oem, otherwise you'll pay out the nose.
  11. This seems like a no-brainer for them to develop, although I do not think it will happen quickly. Fingers crossed.
  12. Edunn37

    Factory Hitch 7.3L

    I agree. It seems like the sleeves would just be another potential source for rattle. Get a quality, heavy-duty hitch that fits.
  13. Edunn37

    2022 Bed Rug

    I've never had a bed rug. What are the advantages of one vs a spray in liner, a bed mat, or even a spray in bed liner with a bed mat? In my ignorance, I would possibly be concerned about snags or moisture causing mildew or mold.
  14. Edunn37

    Tonneau cover

    I had the oem trifold cover on an f150 3-4 years ago and it leaked. It wasn't terrible, but there was always a little water in the bed after driving in the rain. On my f250 order, I am getting the oem retractable. I've seen a few on dealer lots and the movement seems very smooth. I have seen some posts relating to poor installation that results in some binding, but that seems to be rare. I am hoping that this one is more "waterproof". I will have a bed mat installed over the spray in liner, so that may help some as well.
  15. I waffled on the diesel vs gas for weeks before finally placing my platinum f250 tremor order in late July. I've driven both and they both have good power. The "cool factor" was my only reason to go toward the diesel, as I do not do any heavy or long distance hauling. Hell, I don't even need a superduty, but I like them a lot better than the F150. Cost was definitely a factor, but I plan to keep the truck for 8-10yrs and was concerned about the horror stories for repairs. I know those cases are outliers, but they are still concerning. Ultimately, it came down to a need vs want situation and I decided to use the "extra money" toward getting the model/trim level and other options that I really wanted. However, if I truly needed it, I would not have hesitated to get the diesel and the resulting "cool kid factor" that comes along with it.