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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Call Ford Marketing to get your VIN (800-334-4375). That's what a lot of us had to do.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    F250 Lariat, FX4, Carbonize Gray Metallic, 6.7 power stroke, 10 speed transmission, trailer tow high capacity, 3:55 rear end, adaptive steering, ultimate trailer tow camera system, 5th wheel prep. As of today, this has been the progress on my truck: Order confirmed - 5/10/21 Production Week - 9/20/21 Production Week - 9/13/21 Production Week - 10/25/21 Production Week - 11/8/21 Production Week - 12/6/21 Production Week - 11/15/21 (Last email from Ford) Notified by Dealer on 10/7/21 - Truck as been "Sent to Plant" Notified by Dealer on 10/27/21 - Scheduled Build Date - 11/17; Dealer Delivery 12/18 Notified by Dealer on 11/16/21 - Production Week - 12/13/21; Dealer Delivery 1/3/22 This is just my time line. There are others that have been waiting longer than I have and there are people that have gotten their trucks in 2 months. I don't understand why Ford is building some trucks before others. I'm ready for my truck to be delivered to end this nightmare. This truck better be worth the wait.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Order 2022 F250 CCSB Lariat Value FX4, 6.7 power stroke w/ 10 speed trans, Carbonized Gray, high cap trailer tow package w/ ultimate camera system, 3:55 E lock rear end, 5th wheel prep, adaptive steering, and carpet delete w/ non carpet mats This is my experience thus far: Originally ordered: 4/12/21 (wouldn't let me order as a 2022 so had to put in as a 2021) Had to reorder as a 2022 on 5/10/21 Order confirmed: 5/10/21 Production Week: 9/20/21 Production Week: 9/13/21 Production Week: 10/25/21 Production Week: 11/8/21 Production Week: 12/6/21 Production Week: 11/15/21 My dealership informed me on 10/27/21 that my truck was scheduled to be built on 11/17/21. So far I haven't gotten an email from Ford showing "In Production". Fingers crossed that it gets built this week. I'm beyond ready. This isn't my first Ford truck, but is my first Super Duty.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    ice-capades, I apologize in advance if this question has been answered/explained before. I tried my best to read through the comments as to not bother you guys with the same repetitive questions. I received an email from Ford saying my ordered date has pushed back to 12/6 (original order date of 5/10 with many push-backs on build weeks). I just got word from my dealership that my truck has been "sent to plant", but still showing build week of 12/6. Does this mean that my truck should be scheduled to be built next build week being its showing "sent to plant", or does this mean that it shouldn't get pushed back anymore and should get built the week of 12/6?