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  1. Mully722

    2021 Raptor

    Hey Cyberdman - Just looking for an update VIN: 1FTFW1RG9MFC63847 Order: T993 thanks for doing this, much appreciated by all of us waiting on our orders.
  2. Hello - I'm hoping you could give me an update on the following Raptor. The dealership doesn't know much but are hoping it arrives sooner than later. VIN: 1FTFW1RG9MFC63847 Order: T993 Thanks for doing this!!
  3. Mully722

    Ford moves to end chip shortage

    I wonder how long this will take to see the street impact of it.
  4. Mully722

    Glad Ford is not abandoning the V8 market!

    Fantastic News!
  5. Mully722

    Adjustable heated steering wheel temp

    I like that idea!
  6. Mully722

    Mach e production dates

    My understanding is that the dealership doesn't "own" the vehicle until shipment is completed. Isn't that when the title transfer from the manufacture to the dealership happens?
  7. Mully722

    Mach e production dates

    Or would a better question be, do they have to ship in the current model year or can shipment extend into the following year? Could new vehicle leave the factory, sit in a parking lot waiting for supplies while being in an "in production" status? Assume that the parts don't arrive until start of 22 or the vehicle never ships in 21 but it does in 22. What would that mean legality wise considering a MY21 was completed in 22, if any?
  8. Mully722

    2022 Black Appearance Package

    Black appearance package would make sense since Ram and GMC have this option.
  9. Mully722

    Mach e production dates

    I assume there is a difference between build date and shipping date. Assuming they could ship a MY21 in 22 just not build one. To be considered built, would it need be 100% completed or if it’s missing a part due to supply issues would it not be considered completed.
  10. Mully722

    Microchip Shortage

    Thanks for sharing this insight, much appreciated!
  11. Mully722

    Mach e production dates

    I’m guess that those bins were assigned but the vehicle was not yet built.
  12. Mully722

    no f150 production 9/27 week?

    Has anyone taken delivery of a truck that was built that week? I have a Raptor with a 9/28 build date, but the tracker says it’s still in production and the dealership said it should be here some time by the end of the year.
  13. Mully722

    Current Wait Time F-150 Lariat order?

    Has anyone heard of why the trucks are not being shipped? I have a Raptor and I’m being told its held up due to a chip shortage.
  14. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had any inside information on the microchip shortage that is delaying the delivering of MY21 raptors? I originally had a blend date of 9/28 with a delivery date of 10/31. The delivery date is now 12/31 and dealership doesn’t seem to have any information outside of “we live in crazy times, hold tight and it’ll be here soon”.
  15. Mully722

    Raptor Status

    Hello - Many of us who have ordered a Raptor are seeing that they are being held in Detroit due to a chip shortage or a fender flair issue (or maybe both). I have a blend date of 9/28 and as 11/16 it is still “in production”. I also had an original delivery date of 10/31 and its now been moved to 12/31. Just wondering who else is seeing the same or if anyone knew something the dealerships don’t know. LOL