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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. FirstFord22

    Quad-beam LED

    @Garrudo I can confirm with 100% certainty that the LED lighting package is included with the BAP. Again thank you to @SpartanFan23 and @787Toolman for the information. It feels like an eternity since I posted the question
  2. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    @Gharri30 buddy I can’t think of anything else! She is looking sweet! I toyed with the idea of some dark gray hood letter inserts to match the gray around the Ford oval but I think it’ll detract from the overall black appearance I was going for I love the black exhaust tip and how it’s flush. What did you go with?
  3. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

  4. FirstFord22

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    @Gharri30 just a FEW things lying around??? Congratulations, it’s finally a reality! Can’t wait to see the final product
  5. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    @tcritch3 she’s looking good!
  6. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    For the same reason I thought about getting the hood letter inserts. I can’t decide though because I got the BAP on the Agate black for a reason, but I feel like the letters might give it just a little pop if I went with a dark gray color insert. I also wonder how well they will hold up to washing and waxing. @Gharri30 you get your rig yet? I’m waiting to see photos of all the upgrades!
  7. FirstFord22

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Just coil spacers on the front and Fox 2.0 shocks on the corners and dual steering stabilizers.
  8. FirstFord22

    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Enjoy the road trip!
  9. Definitely need to call your sales associate or sales manager. @SpartanFan23 is spot on, you should have received a confirmation email by now. However, if it wasn’t properly submitted as a retail order then you may never at this point since the 22MY order banks are closed.
  10. Personally, I was going to wait until the factory warranty was close to expiring then I would just answer any one of the hundreds of unsolicited calls we all get before they “close my file” on my extended warranty offer. Joking aside, of course I was offered a 6/75k extended service contract at the time of purchase for $2500. I declined because in reality it’s more like a 3/39k warranty because it doesn’t go into effect until the factory warranty expires. The next day the finance manager called me to say he “found some coupons” and could offer me the contract for $200! Of course I purchased it
  11. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    @Gharri30 that’s what I like to hear, keep spending 💵 on her. Just don’t tell momma, surprise her, she’ll love it I’m sure 😂
  12. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    Plenty of time! She’ll be in your driveway before the end of the month ready for her maiden voyage! You have the bed cover, wheels and tires aaaaand… Everything is coming together
  13. FirstFord22

    Breach proof door lock/handle 2022 super duty?

    That is bulls**t!! I wish I had a recommendation but, please consider theft protection for your tailgate and tail lights. I had no idea those were also very popular items for those scumbags!!!
  14. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    @tcritch3 I’ll be waiting for your photos of the lights 😆
  15. FirstFord22

    Super Duty Accessories

    Then I guess we know what you’ll be buying next